Customer Testimonials

Millions of Delighted Air Show Fans

Read what our customers are saying about their experience with Sean D. Tucker and Team Oracle at Oracle-sponsored air shows.

Randy Roumillat
CIO, Yahoo!

"I wanted to let you know the air show event that Oracle sponsors was wonderful! You guys did a great job on this. It is very organized and thoughtfully put together. Sean Tucker is a great asset to the Oracle team. He represents you well. I have been to several events over the years and I have to say that this was one of the best. I thoroughly enjoyed the event and wanted to say thank you for the invite."

Piyush Singh
Senior Vice President & CIO, GAIC

"Thanks for hosting me and my family at the air show. It was a great experience and the ride afterwards was a lifetime experience. I look forward to getting the video of the ride."

Pascal Boillat
CIO, Fannie Mae

"Hi Sean, I wanted to personally thank you again for the great flight I had with you and your Team last Thursday. I had a blast and yes, I am totally hooked! I am looking forward to signing up with your school later this year. My son Luca couldn't stop talking about your air show performance either and you may have another future student. Many thanks again!"

Tommy Augustson
CIO, General Dynamics

"Speaking of aviation, last week I had the opportunity to fly with Sean Tucker of Team Oracle. Sean is arguably the best aerobatic pilot in the country, perhaps the world. He has assembled a great team who, to a person, are fantastic ambassadors for Oracle. To me, Team Oracle effectively represents Oracle's brand promise: 'Hardware and Software: Engineered to Work Together.' This high-performance team flying high-performance aircraft in Oracle's red-and-white colors in front of a national audience would seem to be a productive sponsorship investment. Well Done."

"Again, I want to thank Oracle for taking the resolute action and for the opportunity to fly with Sean. That was truly an honor."

Mike Combopiano
VP, Harris Bank

"Thank you so much for having us as your guests. My boys were talking about the highlights last night at 8:30 when they should have been sound asleep. Normally this would make Daddy cranky, but Daddy was just as animated as they were because I also had the time of my life."

"But the real highlight of my summer was the following day when Brian Norris almost made me black out in the Extra. This was the single most exhilarating hour I've experienced. To top it off, the Thunderbirds, their C17, and the Warthogs all took off while we were at the Gary airport. This was like having our own private air show. And Brian, Ian and the rest of the support crew could not have been better hosts. In fact, my four-year old keeps talking about 'Ian the pilot'."

"We are honored and grateful to have been invited. Thank you and all of the Oracle team for a truly unforgettable experience."

Tanya Trejo,
Sr. Director, Starbucks (Excerpt from longer email sent)

"...I was so inspired by Sean and the Team and bitten by the bug last year that I decided that I was going to learn how to fly and started lessons last fall. The project that I was on at the time was an all-consuming, 5-year project. I squeezed in a couple of hours of lessons here and there, around project schedules and a bad weather winter. Flying helped keep me sane the final year of the project. It gave me something to look forward to. A time where I could think of nothing else but keeping the airplane in the air. Learning to fly has been incredibly humbling and rewarding and a stretch for my brain in a completely different way. Flying has many significant parallels with IT delivery: planning, managing risks, coming up with a risk profile, decision making, taking all the available inputs, setting everything up perfectly and still having a final unexpected gust of wind as you are just about to touch down."

"Our former Oracle Account Manager, Jim Rooney, is a pilot and early on he suggested that I join AOPA. On their site, I saw that Sean was speaking at the AOPA conference, but I couldn't attend due to the project schedule and a launch date that same weekend. I did, however, see the auction and get to "attend" that. I saw a "Day of Training with Sean D. Tucker" online and couldn't stop myself from bidding on it, pilot's license or not. Lyndi's right—it is addictive. This was also something that helped get me through the year, something that I looked forward to. The experience was everything I had hoped and more."

"This year at Seafair, I got a chance to fill an open seat when another client wasn't quite sure about flying with Sean. Not to be a complete hog, I checked to make sure that the gentleman from Verizon hadn't changed his mind and he was pretty positive about going in the Seneca and not the Extra. (Yes!!) Sean said he'd definitely go next time and I concur. The second time around in the little shiny red plane with Sean was another incredible day at what has become my home airport, KBFI. The experience was so different from last time because I now know about communications, the take-off procedures, flying the pattern, and the instruments. I was also not afraid of tossing my cookies on the world famous pilot sitting behind me, my primary fear from the prior year. This year also brought me a much better idea of really how impressed I should be and an appreciation for how easy Sean and the Team makes it look..."

"I don't think I've done justice to the impact this has had on my life, all starting with one brief flight last summer. I feel so blessed to have gotten to meet Sean and the Team. To fly with Sean and the Team. To have the continued privilege to fly. To push my limits and conquer fears. To become part of another community. To make my brain hurt trying to use an E6B."

"Many, many thanks to all of you who have made it all possible, from our account team, Patrick, to Team Oracle and, of course, Sean. It's been amazing. Do I feel like the luckiest person on the planet? Yeah, baby!"