6D Technologies demystifies data and analytics with MySQL HeatWave on AWS

Using Oracle MySQL HeatWave on AWS, 6D Technologies consolidates data processing and analytics in order to ensure sub-second performance and reporting.   


MySQL HeatWave on AWS has 139X faster complex queries in comparison to AWS RDS and Aurora. This provides a significant opportunity to simplify the existing data infrastructure for both OLTP and OLAP, along with sub-second response time, to deliver an optimal experience.

Anish KumarAssociate Vice President, 6D Technologies

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Business challenges

Subscribers today use multiple devices to stream videos, share images, and chat. To keep pace with this, telco operators are repositioning themselves from service enablers to digital value creators. The transition from 4G to 5G networks is connecting more devices and significantly increasing the volume of data the operators must manage to unearth intelligent and actionable insights that maximizes revenue and efficiency. 

6D Technologies enables operators to manage multichannel marketing campaigns by collecting huge datasets to provide insights into customer behavior and the key value drivers of acquisition, retention, and expansion. 6D Technologies’ Magik optimizes AI and machine learning-based techniques to predict likely customer behavior, churn propensity, and recommend the next-best offer through personalized engagement via preferred channels.

The company's Magik analytical offering, built first on AWS RDS and then AWS Aurora, was not functioning optimally. It needed to segment customers for the decision engine to calculate the personalized next-best offer recommendations in real time.

Oracle MySQL HeatWave consolidates both OLTP and OLAP in one MySQL Database, thereby delivering real-time analytics.

Why 6D Technologies chose Oracle

6D Technologies opted for Oracle MySQL HeatWave on AWS for a fully managed database service. This combines transaction processing with an in-memory query accelerator for a high-performance analytics engine. In addition, it eliminates the need for a separate analytics database and extract, transform, and load (ETL) processes. Also, the web console is easy to use and provides visibility into workload performance metrics and interactive reporting. 

MySQL HeatWave addresses 6D Technologies’  roadmap for microservices and cloud native products and ensures an optimal customer experience.

The real-time analytics from MySQL HeatWave helps 6D Technologies’ customers take advantage of new-age marketing by exploring which next-best offer is most suitable.


MySQL HeatWave on AWS has 139X faster complex queries compared to AWS RDS and Aurora, providing a significant opportunity to simplify the existing data infrastructure for both OLTP and OLAP, along with sub-second response time.

6D Technologies’ staff experienced higher levels of productivity via the MySQL HeatWave Database Service’s distributed query processing feature. This ensures scaling when data automatically increases by reducing indexing and other database maintenance activities. Additionally, the web console monitors performance for increased visibility, which allows staff to spend time more strategically on data modeling and analytics to better serve customers.

Published:September 12, 2022

About the customer

6D Technologies’ Digital 360 initiative caters to  today’s ever-evolving customers who require telecom operators to change long-held priorities while deploying agile technologies. The company aims to help operators become digital services providers by focusing on the interplay of next-generation technologies such as AI and machine learning. 6D Technologies serves more than 120 operators in 68 countries across 6 continents.