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Oracle Customer Success—ABK Project technology services

ABK Project technology services

ABK Project technology services Increases Profitability by Getting New Products to the Manufacturing Marketplace 20% Faster


Thanks to the enhanced development capabilities offered by Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools, we have been able to create application extensions that meet the market needs of our manufacturing customers in a timely manner and with a low cost of ownership. By creating products—such as our material safety data-sheet-management module—that improve the efficiency of our customers’ JD EnterpriseOne platforms, we have greatly increased our profitability and enabled chemical manufacturers to maximize quality-management efficiencies, strengthening their trust in us as a technology partner.

— Vasileios Kazakidis, Co-Owner, ABK Project technology services

ABK Project technology services is a software development company that provides implementation, consultancy, development, and support services for Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne enterprise resource planning applications. The company’s comprehensive expertise spans multiple technologies and includes the management of underlying middleware, databases, and infrastructure to deliver complex IT projects and industry-specific tools to niche markets.
Business Challenge
  • Create and rapidly deploy a new software module to manage material safety data sheets while ensuring that manufacturing customers can integrate the module with their existing JD Edwards EnterpriseOne solutions
  • Support customers in a niche-manufacturing market—developing chemicals, fragrances, flavors, and plant nutrition and protection products—by developing a software module that can calculate the correct hazard warnings, based on chemical ingredients; track recipe changes; and automate processes in authoring safety-data sheets and related certificates in line with changing EU regulations
  • Enable customers to rapidly issue safety data sheets in multiple languages, without the need to disclose trade secrets, such as chemical formulae, to translation and printing suppliers
  • Enabled customers to streamline producing EU-mandated safety data sheets and certificates across an extensive range of manufactured chemicals and substances by rapidly creating a management module for this purpose with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools 9.0
  • Reduced the time required for customers—such as chemical manufacturers—to author safety-data sheets, from three days to under five minutes, thanks to a module that automatically calculates key indicators—such as the degree of flammability—and the ability to instantly display corresponding safety symbols and icons
  • Enabled rapid transfer, modification, and availability of the module to all customers regardless of their JD Edwards EnterpriseOne release—increasing business agility and customer satisfaction, and leading to a 20% increase in profitability
  • Reduced development effort and brought to market a user-friendly, quality-management module in less than three months—3x faster than legacy development tools
  • Enabled customers’ quality managers to focus on core tasks, such as checking and improving chemical mixture recipes, conducting research, and creating new substances—where previously they had spent up to 40% more time on safety certificates, had required multiple spreadsheets, manual calculations, and tracking of regulations
  • Improved the quality and reliability of customer-safety, data sheets, thanks to error-free calculations of risk phrases and precautionary statements—such as ”harmful if swallowed” or ”irritating to eyes”—based on defined rules and ingredient classifications that meet regulatory standards
  • Enabled customers to print their own material safety data sheets, allergen, and International Fragrance Association conformity certificates without divulging propriety information to outsourced companies—limiting customer exposure to trade secrets—such as chemical-mixture recipes—and reducing security risks
  • Enabled customers to track safety-data sheets, including dates of issue and changes to recipes, or materials safety legislation, without requiring multiple files, spreadsheets, and manual printouts—allowing them to rapidly reissue data sheets when end vendors wish to remarket historically successful product lines
  • Expanded into new European geographies, thanks to the multilanguage capability of the new management tool, which allows users to automatically produce material safety data sheets in a variety of languages without the need to engage translation agencies
  • Created a niche-market, quality-management software tool with the flexibility for manufacturing customers to conduct as-if scenarios, enabling them to propose enhancements to existing chemical mixture recipes to create less hazardous products


JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools 9.0 enables us to create additional functionality for our customers in a faster and more reliable way, and with a superior look and feel, compared to other development tools, such as Dotnet or Delphi Tools. Furthermore, the solution simplifies product integration with our customers’ existing JD Edwards EnterpriseOne solutions, as of version 8.12. Through this toolset, we are able to transform an analysis of our customers’ business needs into a fully functioning product in a fraction of the time required by other tools.

— Vasileios Kazakidis, Co-Owner, ABK Project technology services

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Athens, Greece



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Published:  Nov 21, 2014