Hospital A.C. Camargo gains system reliability with Oracle Cloud

After migrating to Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer, the cancer center has made gains in scale and operational performance, while improving patient care.


Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer brings trust and resilience so we can focus on support and adjustment activities within the patient care solution.

Rodrigo GoslingChief Technology Officer, A.C. Camargo Cancer Center

Business challenges

For more than 60 years, A.C. Camargo has provided specialized cancer treatment services in Southeast Brazil. The health institution aims to personalize cancer care for each patient and prides itself as a leader in scientific knowledge about oncology.

In addition to patient care and cancer treatment, the hospital is also a cancer research and education facility, with a program that trains one in three oncologists in Brazil annually.

In 2019, the institution underwent a change in technology systems and implemented a new platform to improve patient experiences. However, a major challenge emerged that made it difficult for the hospital to adopt new technologies. Therefore, A.C. Camargo was looking for a solution that was scalable and would support its evolution, including the launch of remote access and telemedicine for patients.

We found in Oracle a partner ready for the challenges of the future, with infrastructure and eventually the discussion of other solutions.

Rodrigo GoslingChief Technology Officer, A.C. Camargo Cancer Center

Why A.C. Camargo Chose Oracle

When evaluating service providers, A.C. Camargo was focused on system performance, reliability, and flexibility. The hospital decided to adopt Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer, which would allow the hospital to migrate databases to the cloud in a simple and secure way.

Additionally, Oracle's response time, readiness, mobilization, and abundance of resources were important factors in the hospital’s decision-making process.


With Exadata Cloud@Customer, A.C. Camargo can now increase capacity as needed, which is essential for dealing with seasonality. At times of high demand, the organization measures consumption and scales resources without facing an infrastructure outage. The platform has also improved the healthcare provider’s performance, resilience, flexibility, and agility.

The implementation of Oracle's platform also simplified A.C. Camargo’s digital transformation efforts. Previously, the organization used a standalone Oracle Database solution with two instances running on dedicated equipment, offering limited licensing and functionality. The current model with Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer improves performance and aggregates production and disaster recovery environments with synchronous replication.

Meanwhile, Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer allows A.C. Camargo's IT team to prepare for future challenges and operate in a more simple and structured way.

Published:November 29, 2021