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Accomplished Brain

Oracle Customer Success

Startup helps patients train their brains with Oracle Cloud


Accomplished Brain taps Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for a mobile app clinicians use to deliver customized brain exercise programs to clients worldwide.

Business challenges

Speech pathologists, physical therapists, chiropractors, and other healthcare specialists regularly help patients overcome their neurological disabilities and brain trauma. But those practitioners have been constrained to working with people who can come into their offices for therapy using light, sound, eye movement, and balance techniques.

Accomplished Brain wanted to bridge that gap by enabling patients to use their mobile devices to perform such practitioner-guided exercises from just about any location, while helping the providers grow their businesses. But first it needed a cost-effective and secure cloud infrastructure for a mobile app that could deliver those services.

For a company our size that wants to revolutionize an industry, Oracle is just superior to other clouds we looked at, and the support that we have gotten has been second to none.

Andrew Amigo

CEO, Accomplished Brain

Why Accomplished Brain Chose Oracle

Accomplished Brain chose Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) over competing offerings for three main reasons:

  1. Lower cost. Accomplished Brain found OCI to be 30% less expensive for its needs than Amazon Web Services.
  2. Autonomous database capabilities. Because the underlying Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing—which runs on OCI—provisions, secures, upgrades, and scales itself, it requires little to no in-house database administration, unlike AWS’s offering.
  3. Better security. OCI gave Accomplished Brain the data security and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance it needed to grow its healthcare business with confidence.


Accomplished Brain’s business hinges on the ability of its application to help practitioners foster a relationship with their remote clients.

The company’s small R&D team built a dashboard in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure that tracks and displays the effectiveness of each brain training activity so that the practitioner and client can evaluate progress together.

OCI’s proven data security model helped Accomplished Brain executives reassure clients and investors about the viability of doing brain training and trauma recovery remotely.

Meanwhile, Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing allows the company to devote its scarce resources to building and enhancing the Autonomous Brain application, rather than to managing the core database, says CTO Sebastian Dukue.

With our focus on sensitive patient data, we quickly concluded that Oracle’s cloud security model offered us, our patients, and practitioners a platform we could all trust.

Sebastian Dukue

CTO, Accomplished Brain

Published: February 11, 2021