Addiko Bank enables employee idea generation with Oracle Cloud

Addiko Bank gains competitive advantage by using Oracle Innovation Management Cloud for capturing, tracking, and implementing employee ideas.

Addiko Bank, based in Sarajevo and Banja Luka, operates via 72 branches in Bosnia and Herzegovina with 710 employees. The bank focuses on playing the role of a digitally savvy retail and small and midsized businesses (SMB) bank.

Addiko Bank in Bosnia and Herzegovina is part of the Addiko Group, an international financial group, headquartered in Vienna, Austria, which operates through 6 banks with its core business in Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, and Montenegro with more than 1 million clients. Addiko announced a successful two-year turnaround that included substantial investment in new products and technology, an organizational refit, and a rebranding of the group. As part of its client-centric competitive strategy, Addiko in Bosnia and Herzegovina looked for a way to better explore ideas originating from within its 710-employee workforce. It decided to implement an automated innovation lifecycle management platform.


The key improvement with Oracle Innovation Management Cloud has been affording every employee the right to give ideas, knowing that every idea will be taken into consideration—and you find out that you have very smart employees who really want to help you build a better company.

Adi HadziosmanovicProject Manager, Addiko Bank

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Business challenges

  • Give voice to employees in close contact with customer needs and wishing to suggest ideas of benefit to the bank but with no effective process for doing so
  • Funnel employee suggestions into rapid product and service innovation to stay ahead of the competition by creating profitable financial services
  • Leverage the suggestions on product innovation shared by customer-facing employees to provide better banking products and services
  • Implement a cloud-based ideas management engine to allow all employees to share and monitor the status of their business improvement suggestions

Assisted by Core, we went live with Oracle Innovation Management Cloud after three months of preparation and extensive user-acceptance testing, making sure to include feedback from as many people in the bank as possible, in order to cater to all different opinions and approaches.

Adi HadziosmanovicProject Manager, Addiko Bank

Why Addiko Bank Chose Oracle

“When Oracle Partner Core proposed Oracle Innovation Management Cloud, we knew that we found what we were looking for. It’s a unique solution that helps us create profitable products and services based on employees´ suggestions - and were easily adapted to the banking context.”

—Adi Hadziosmanovic, Project Manager, Addiko Bank


  • Adopted Oracle Innovation Management Cloud to better capture and refine ideas for innovations and develop concepts of profitable new banking products and services based on employee perception of customer requirements
  • Captured ‘the voice of the employee’ at all levels of the organization through a cloud platform for sharing, evaluating, and enriching ideas for delivering better services to clients
  • Linked ideation with project lifecycle management by adopting Oracle Innovation Management Cloud as a single repository for employee ideas and suggestions aimed at improving client satisfaction
  • Developed over 50 customer-facing project proposals based on ideas nominated by employees in the first year, many of them implemented for their business value, resulting in competitive advantages
  • Empowered employees to reach upper management directly and make a positive contribution to the business with a feedback loop for each submitted idea
  • Used Oracle Innovation Management Cloud as a supporting tool for giving visibility to employee suggestions across the organization, achieving a growing Employee Net Promoter Score indicating internal satisfaction
  • Fostered a culture of innovation by sharing a continuously evolving portfolio of ideas across 710 employees for comment and refinement, in alignment with the strategic and operational goals of the organization.
  • Incentivized employees to submit ideas—including ideas that they receive from customers—through the award ‘one day off and EUR50’ for the best idea and the guarantee of being able to track the suggestion through its lifecycle
  • Instigated a lifecycle of innovation by implementing a cloud platform for posting ideas, receiving feedback, tracking idea status, and matching ideation to corporate strategy
  • Supported corporate social responsibility, for instance, by enacting the recycling of shredded paper and donating sales of recycled paper to charity


Core d.o.o, based in Sarajevo, is an Oracle partner established in 2011, involved in development and construction, software and informatics, and technical specification development. It carried out the deployment of Oracle Innovation Management Cloud for Addiko Bank and received the Partner of the year for Oracle ERP Cloud in Central Eastern Europe, an award now received three times.
Published:July 30, 2018

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