ADM gains insight into its Oracle deployments

Oracle Software Investment Advisory (SIA) helps Archer Daniels Midland understand its Oracle investments for better-informed decision-making.


Oracle SIA was able to give us a deeper understanding of our deployments and licensing agreements. This process improved our knowledge significantly and helped us determine where to focus our future investments.

Ashley AllenDirector, Ecosystem Management Global Technology, Archer Daniels Midland

Business challenges

Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) relies on Oracle to provide much of the technical foundation for its work. Given the long history and complexity of ADM’s Oracle investments, they found it challenging to determine exactly how its products were being used, measured, and licensed—key information the company needed to plan for future growth and budgetary expenditures.

To ensure that ADM received the maximum value from its Oracle investments, the company turned to Oracle’s SIA organization for help.

This assessment has really helped us move in the right direction from a relationship perspective. Oracle is very important to ADM because of the business that we do together. It’s not a transactional relationship but a trusted partnership.

Ashley AllenDirector, Ecosystem Management Global Technology, Archer Daniels Midland

Why ADM Chose Oracle

Oracle SIA offered ADM clear and actionable insights to help the company make better decisions about its future plans with Oracle. By understanding the full picture, ADM is able to optimize current workloads and accelerate its business objectives by increasing the adoption of its Oracle products.


The company wanted to know if it was on course to achieve the financial value it expected when it signed an unlimited license agreement (ULA) with Oracle. SIA conducted a midterm ULA assessment, which provided key information on how ADM was progressing against its forecast, highlighting areas that needed the most attention so it could readjust and deploy additional products where necessary.

The value assessment gave a financial overlay of ADM’s deployment progress and revealed areas where the company was either under-utilizing their products or, in some cases, exceeding original expectations. Additionally, SIA provided a deployment optimization review that focused on a deep dive into ADM’s database environment. This analysis included a view into ADM’s database workloads by providing instance density, hardware aging reports, database instance version risks, and other insightful data points.

As a result of this comprehensive review, ADM established a greater understanding of its large landscape of Oracle products, deployments, and usage, giving decision-makers access to critical information.

The process highlighted how the two companies are working together for a common goal, which has led to a much stronger relationship between Oracle and ADM—one built on mutual trust and a valued partnership.

Published:March 31, 2021