AdTiming cuts costs by over 30% with OCI while enhancing security, reliability

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure helps AdTiming cost-effectively scale to increase global demand for its intelligent mobile marketing platform.


As our business has rapidly increased overseas, OCI enabled us to offer the highest-performing solution at a pay-per-usage pricing model that allows us to remain competitive. Our developers and advertisers experience fast response time and high availability to optimize their monetization of their marketing spend.

Zhang WentaoChief Technology Officer, AdTiming

Business challenges

B2B and B2C organizations increasingly rely on mobile marketing, which encompasses any marketing, advertising, or promotional activities done via smartphones, tablets, or other handheld devices. The industry is expected to see a compound annual growth rate of 18.3% through 2030.

Founded in 2016 and based in China, AdTiming offers an intelligent mobile advertising platform that helps developers and advertisers achieve higher ad monetization and ROI from their marketing investments. With AdTiming, more than 2,000 advertisers and developers, located in over 140 countries, can pinpoint the lead generation techniques that deliver the maximum revenue by intelligent advertising exposure.

Mobile marketing is a highly competitive industry. As AdTiming's overseas mobile advertising business expanded rapidly over the last few years, increasing transaction volumes put pressure on existing infrastructure. This led to rising operational costs that threatened the company’s ability to remain competitive.

In response, the business began searching for a more affordable cloud platform that could scale to its transactional demands at a high-performance level across multiple global regions.

AdTiming selected OCI based on cost, performance, and Oracle’s extensive and distributed network of global data centers.

Why AdTiming chose Oracle

AdTiming had been using AWS for more than three years and needed to lower operating costs. The company reviewed solutions from multiple vendors and chose Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) for a multicloud strategy, long-term cost savings benefit, strong compliance capability, and a highly secure and stable cloud environment.


The project launched in 2022, with the combined AdTiming and Oracle teams formulating a plan, performing business testing, and completing the migration of existing systems to OCI in just two months.

After implementing OCI, the company improved its market competitiveness while experiencing lower costs and increased customer satisfaction. By running its mobile advertising platform on OCI, the company enhanced security, reliability, and availability. Oracle’s growing global network of cloud data centers, which span 40 regions across 22 countries, provides AdTiming customers with low latency and high system availability.

The business now experiences an ideal pay-per-usage pricing model that adjusts to the peaks and valleys of customer demands. IT support costs have been cut by more than 30%.

Published:January 17, 2023

About the customer

Established in 2016, AdTiming is committed to providing global developers and other advertisers with complete and efficient advertising monetization solutions and services.