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Oracle Customer Success—Agder Energi AS

Agder Energi AS

Agder Energi Addresses Smart Energy Challenges with Oracle Engineered Systems


Oracle’s hardware is robust—it offers high performance and availability for our database workloads, and has reduced our total cost of ownership by 3x. Most importantly, we gained the peace of mind to focus on our energy business and its profound transformation enabled by smart metering.

— Bjarne Karlsen, CTO, Agder Energi AS

Agder Energi Boosts Competitiveness in Norwegian Energy Market, Enables 10x Faster Queries, and Reduces Costs of Ownership 3x

Agder Energi AS produces, distributes, and trades hydro-powered and wind-powered energy, and is Norway’s third largest energy company. Agder Energi needed an upgrade of its hardware landscape to cope with expanding business and Norway’s national mandate for smart metering of electricity consumption beginning on January 1, 2019. Advanced metering infrastructure differs from traditional automatic meter reading in that it enables two-way communication. Facing exponential data growth and preparing for a broad range of new services linked to smart metering, Agder Energi decided to replace its VM cluster environment with platforms engineered for running Oracle Database workloads.

Business Challenge
  • Increase the company’s ability to handle exponentially growing enterprise data from smart energy metering in Norway, where all electricity consumption and services will be managed through smart meters by 2019
  • Establish a robust disaster recovery solution to avoid negative impact from development and test environments—essential for bringing innovative energy services such as time-based pricing rapidly to market—on the production databases
  • Increase the hardware infrastructure’s performance and availability without adding technical complexity or increasing database license and platform maintenance costs
  • Mitigate downtime risks to ensure the company’s ability to monitor growing electric energy generation, distribution, and trading at all times
  • Used two Oracle Exadata Database Machines on two Oracle Real Application Clusters nodes to run approximately 30 Oracle Databases in test, development, and production environments, ensuring high availability and disaster recovery capabilities to support innovative utilities services and pricing
  • Mitigated the risk of system downtime by running all data warehousing, online transaction processing (OLTP), and mixed workloads on Oracle Exadata, while simplifying IT operations and reducing capital expense with a total cost of ownership approximately 3x lower than the legacy platform
  • Cut migration risks and saved scarce expert time by leveraging existing Oracle development and administrator skills, and by running OLTP, business intelligence, and data warehouse applications unchanged on Engineered Systems while ensuring cost-efficient scalability of the platforms
  • Deployed Oracle Database Appliance to support the company’s advanced metering infrastructure and ensure that Agder Energi meets the growing development and storage requirements from smart metering of energy consumption
  • Reduced costs with Oracle Database Appliance’s capacity-on-demand licensing, enabling Agder Energi to design its advanced metering infrastructure over a 2.5-year period with minimal database licensing costs and expand the machines’ capacity only at infrastructure rollout
  • Laid the foundation to expand innovative energy management services to the company’s entire client base, such as time-based pricing, high usage alerts, push notifications, and web-based self-service
  • Empowered 800 users of enterprise resource planning, network, payroll, and trading systems to reduce response times for increasingly complex queries by up to 10x, enhancing decision-making and enabling faster time-to-market and time-to-revenue
  • Gained peace of mind by working with a single platform vendor and specialized implementation partner to ensure that the company is prepared for a profound change in the Norwegian energy market, enabled by smart metering infrastructure and two-way communications


Oracle Engineered Systems is the most suitable platform for our off-the-shelf-applications which rely entirely on Oracle Database. The capacity-on-demand licensing allows us to pursue projects as demanded by the business without paying unnecessary infrastructure costs.

— Bjarne Karlsen, CTO, Agder Energi AS

About Agder Energi AS


Kristiansand, Norway



Annual Revenue

US$100 million to US$500 million

Agder Energi AS, founded in 2000 through the merger of Aust-Agder Energi, Vest-Agder Energiverk and Kristiansand Energiverk (KEV), is the third largest power producer in Norway. The company owns a stake in or runs 47 hydroelectric power plants, operates the power grid in 30 municipalities in the Agder region, and has participations in energy companies such as coal briquet manufacturer Norsk Biobrensel and windfarm service provider Meventus (95%).


Agder Energi worked with Oracle Platinum Partner SYSCO AS, since the company offered deep expertise of both Oracle Engineered Systems and the Norwegian energy sector. SYSCO’s consultants designed the platform architecture based on Agder Energi’s requirements, transferred the existing Exadata machines to a new data center, and migrated all databases in two phases. SYSCO also deployed two Oracle Database Appliances in separate locations to support the company’s advanced metering infrastructure. Working with Oracle Advanced Customer Support, SYSCO ensures ongoing operation of both Oracle Exadata and Oracle Database Appliance.

Published:  Jun 23, 2017