Airfluencers unleashes influencer marketing using Oracle

Airfluencers simplifies how brands can tap into influencer marketing, using AI and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to analyze millions of social profiles every day.


The level of attention and support is off the charts, plus the technology that Oracle offers is in line with the best in the market. The benefits are in cloud infrastructure, scalability, technology access, and networking.

Rodrigo SorianoCEO, Airfluencers

Business challenges

Paying Google Cloud nearly $13,000 per month wasn’t a winning formula for fast-growing startup Airfluencers. The company needed a cloud provider with a better price-performance value, one that could also serve as a strategic partner to help as the startup grew.

Airfluencers found that partnership with Oracle for Startups, a program that provides technology and business resources to young companies.  Airfluencers found the price-performance benefits it needed with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), and it has also connected through Oracle’s relationships to help grow Airfluencers’s customer base.

We started by transferring 1%, then a week later we transferred all processing to Oracle. It was quick and easy. Running on OCI, our platform can be used by Oracle clients, who can search, compare, and analyze campaigns with digital influencers, which is a big demand for marketing and brand strategies.

Rodrigo SorianoCEO, Airfluencers

Why Airfluencers Chose Oracle

Airfluencers saved more than 70% compared with Google Cloud, while experiencing better performance. As part of Oracle for Startups, Airfluencers benefited from a special startup discount, which is in addition to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s already strong price-performance value. 

Oracle’s startup program also introduced Airfluencers to HOPE Lingerie, an Oracle Commerce customer that’s well-known in Brazil. So impressed with the startup’s technology, HOPE closed the deal with Airfluencers within 72 hours of the meeting. And the startup continues to engage with other Oracle customers, an example of how Oracle for Startups supports co-innovation among Oracle, startups, and Oracle’s customers.


Airfluencers is getting incredible price-performance value with OCI and is gaining customers, like HOPE, thanks to Oracle for Startups. Oracle’s storage capabilities deliver scale with stable, high-speed throughput, and virtual machines with X7-based compute delivers the horsepower needed to process and analyze millions of profiles and datapoints daily for Airfluencers.

With OCI, Airfluencers is saving 70% in costs, while getting better performance. It is also gaining customers and revenue thanks to Oracle for Startups, and it’s helping grow the Oracle partner ecosystem, thus introducing more companies to innovative new tech providers.

Published:April 2, 2021