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Oracle Customer Success—AIS Automation Dresden GmbH

AIS Automation Dresden GmbH

AIS Automation Improves Monitoring of Manufacturing Plants with Oracle


Oracle Cloud provided us with the basis for a completely new class of products, helping customers to monitor and control manufacturing machinery across the entire lifecycle. This means that companies are making unprecedented improvements in the manufacturing, installation, operation, and maintenance of such plants.

— Thomas Dreyer, Director Research & Development, AIS Automation Dresden GmbH

AIS Automation Develops Innovative Service to Monitor Manufacturing Machinery with Oracle Cloud

AIS Automation specializes in the development of software solutions for process and plant automation, factory and manufacturing automation, inclusive of manufacturing execution systems (MES), and also machine control and integration. AIS Automation’s customers include the manufacturers of this kind of plant, as well as the industrial companies that operate them. It is engaged in the automotive supply, photovoltaics, rail engineering, semi-conductor, pharmaceutical, and other industries.

To date, there had been no satisfactory software solution for monitoring manufacturing plants across their entire lifecycle. Partial solutions provided data during the development or operation of such machinery, but there was no seamless data collection and analysis. As a rule, vendors did not receive any data relating to manufacturing operations on clients’ premises. This made it more difficult to service the machinery, remedy defects, or optimize concepts for follow-on models. AIS Automation therefore decided to develop an entirely new system that would collect and process all relevant data, making it available as usable information.
Business Challenge
  • Develop an innovative software solution that will monitor manufacturing machinery across the entire lifecycle from design, manufacturing, and installation to servicing and repair—representing the creation of and entry to a lucrative market
  • Ensure that manufacturing machinery can be monitored in any location and support any volume of data by deploying the solution in the cloud and providing it as software as a service to customers
  • Expedite solution development with minimal effort to secure the biggest possible lead over competitors at an attractive pricing for the finished solutions
  • Enable expansion and flexibility at any time to meet increasing computing requirements aligned with the needs of the expected fast-growing customer base
  • Protect customers’ highly sensitive manufacturing data against loss, unauthorized access, and other external and internal attacks
  • Developed EquipmentCloud® as a novel plant monitoring tool with Oracle Application Express, shortening time to market to only 6 months and expediting development and testing time by approximately 50% to 75%, as compared to frameworks such as Angular
  • Created significant added value for vendors of manufacturing plants and their customers, reducing the commissioning time and deployment costs of complex plants by approximately 33%
  • Applied manufacturing machinery data stored through Oracle Database Cloud Service to reduce the maximum downtime of manufacturing machinery guaranteed by its vendor by 2% or more, which can represent an increase of the corresponding machinery´s annual revenue by US$500,000 or more
  • Deployed EquipmentCloud® as software as a service in Oracle Cloud to allow manufacturing machinery, anywhere in the world, to be added to the system, and location-independent access to user interfaces—benefitting both vendors and operators of manufacturing machinery
  • Established adequate reserves to process unlimited volumes of data quickly and reliably, while also offering the necessary flexibility for newly developed products with a fast-growing number of users—guaranteeing investment security
  • Used the container databases of Oracle Database Cloud Service to strictly separate manufacturing machinery data of the various users, providing a level of data security that AIS Automation or its customers could hardly hope to achieve with their own resources
  • Empowered AIS Automation’s customers to quickly develop their own apps with Oracle Application Express—yet another advantage as compared with other manufacturers’ equipment management systems—as these apps are user-friendly, largely self-explanatory, and do not require elaborate user trainings
  • Minimized the maintenance effort for apps developed with Oracle Application Express, increasing the efficiency of app administration as compared to other development frameworks and freeing up capacity for other tasks
  • Used the feedback function integrated into Oracle Application Express to receive valuable suggestions for improvement and ideas for enhancing AIS Automation’s products from machinery vendors


After many years of good experience with Oracle technology that we used on premises, Oracle was also our first choice for our new cloud product. Oracle Application Express proved to be the ideal development framework. Oracle Cloud delivers high-performance technology with the greatest possible flexibility. In addition, our data—and that of our customers—are optimally protected. We will definitely be choosing Oracle for our further growth.

— Thomas Dreyer, Director Research & Development, AIS Automation Dresden GmbH

About AIS Automation Dresden GmbH


Dresden, Germany



Annual Revenue

Under US$100 million
For more than 25 years, AIS Automation Dresden has been providing innovative and cost-effective software solutions for machinery control and integration, the automation of factories, manufacturing machinery, manufacturing processes, and rail technology. Some 135 experienced specialists are engaged in developing new solutions, installing them for international customers, advising users, and providing comprehensive support. Since 2011, AIS Automation Dresden has been a subsidiary of Meyer Burger Germany GmbH. As part of the Meyer Burger Group, AIS Automation has access to an extensive worldwide service and support network.
Published:  Aug 14, 2018