AIS decreases costs by 23% after migrating to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

By changing its technology provider, the Spanish company managed to stabilize its operating times and reduce costs.


With OCI, we had a 23% reduction in costs. This makes us more competitive and allows us to adapt much better to the customer's needs.

Rubén Garrido PérezDirector of Architecture and New Technologies, AIS

Operating across Latin America, AIS is a Spanish consultancy that specializes in creating systems for decision-making based on statistical modeling and mathematics. To support digital transformation and lower its technology costs, the company decided to migrate to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) following a comparative analysis among several cloud computing vendors. This decision to adopt OCI was mainly due to OCI’s ability to reduce the company’s IT costs and the ongoing support offered by Oracle. Migrating to OCI allowed AIS to achieve a 23% reduction in costs, improve the performance of its systems, and onboard new customers more easily, thanks to the stability provided by OCI’s dedicated CPUs. This resulted in better processing times and helped ensure that operations were consistently performed without fluctuations.

Published:February 16, 2024