ALD Automotive unlocks more effective marketing with Oracle Cloud

Global leader in full-service leasing and fleet management turns to Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation to make the most of its marketing campaigns.


Before Oracle Eloqua, it was really hard for countries to create effective marketing campaigns from scratch, especially in our less mature markets. But Oracle Eloqua has changed that: Shareable templates mean our marketers always know they’re tailoring the right content and are following the right data protection laws, but still have the freedom to adapt tactics to their local markets.

Yamna AmraouiCustomer Experience Program Manager, ALD Automotive

Business challenges

ALD Automotive is one of the world leaders in the full-service car leasing market. With a presence in 43 countries worldwide, global coverage through 16 partner alliances, and 1.76 million vehicles in operation, it was struggling to fully take advantage of data in its marketing campaigns. Its goal of becoming a fully integrated, sustainable mobility provider within five years—as part of its Move 2025 Strategy—created pressure to transform existing processes, make sense of the data, and give customers the products and support they needed.

With the rise of the sharing economy—and an increasing appetite for on-demand and car-sharing services, rather than car ownership—the business has had to modify its offering to be more flexible and to better match the constantly changing needs and expectations of customers, rather than decision-makers in the business.

The organization wanted to better understand its consumers, engage directly with users, and create marketing campaigns with a 360-degree view.

“If we can’t understand what our customers are thinking, we can’t speak to them. We had to find a way to harness our data to help us continue to grow,” says Faustine Andres, head of marketing.

It’s not just the tool alone that has brought this success. Oracle Eloqua was undeniably the right solution to support us—but the team and the support we received from Oracle and our implementation partner at Accenture was indispensable.

Bélinda HeninDigital Manager, ALD Automotive

Why ALD Automotive chose Oracle

ALD Automotive was already working with a number of providers that could have simply bolted an out-of-the-box marketing solution onto the business’s existing service package. Rather than that, the organization gathered stakeholders from across its countries of operation—regional heads of marketing, central marketing leads, heads of IT, security, and more—to discuss key requirements. It was clear that Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation met all the company’s needs, with Oracle’s user experience being the true game changer.

“Oracle Eloqua appeared to be easy to use and implement right from the very beginning of the process,” says Andres.


The implementation of Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation, part of the Oracle Advertising and Customer Experience suite of applications, quickly transformed operations at the company. By better monitoring marketing campaign performance in one location, the business now has a consolidated, global view of its customers, users, and data. That allows ALD Automotive to better understand customers’ wishes and needs and to react at top speed.

This clearer customer picture has unlocked more successful marketing campaigns. Thanks to better targeting and more tailored content powered by Oracle Eloqua, the business achieved a 70% open rate and a 17% clickthrough rate in one campaign alone. What’s more, gains in efficiency mean not just the quality, but the number of marketing campaigns has increased, too. The total number of campaigns led by the team increased from 30 to 200, without employing any additional staff.

By finding the right balance between guidelines on the one hand and regional autonomy on the other, ALD Automotive created effective global marketing campaigns. Marketing users’ satisfaction rate climbed to 80%.

Customers have also felt the benefits of these more targeted campaigns. According to Andres, “Oracle Eloqua has allowed us to better educate customers and give them the information they need to meet trends head-on. We’ve had a range of positive feedback from strategic corporate customers about how our communications were both regular and helpful, especially during the confusion of the 2020 pandemic. To hear that straight from a customer is really significant, and it’s reflected in the numbers, too: Our Net Promoter Score increased by 6%.”


Accenture worked with ALD Automotive to roll out and support Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation.

Published:March 11, 2022