Alior Bank switches from CentOS to Oracle Linux to increase security

One of the fastest-growing banks in Poland switched from CentOS to Oracle Linux to increase security, uptime, and reliability.


We were able to seamlessly switch from CentOS to Oracle Linux and improve our security by using Ksplice to patch our systems without needing to reboot. This has significantly reduced our time and cost for patching.

Tomasz FrycCTO, Alior Bank

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Business challenges

Alior Bank of Poland has been committed to innovation and trend-setting in online banking from the start. 

The bank is a leader in modern banking based on pioneering technology solutions, using blockchain, open banking, artificial intelligence, and biometrics. It was the first bank in Poland to create a fully online Currency Exchange Bureau as well as the first to launch video verification in setting up personal accounts.

As a financial institution, Alior’s top concern is the security and availability of its infrastructure while managing operational costs.

Why Alior Bank Chose Oracle

Alior Bank needed an open source solution with optional enterprise support that addressed its patching and security requirements, and was compatible with the bank’s current CentOS environment.


Alior Bank improved the security and availability of its infrastructure, and eliminated a significant amount of time previously required for maintenance by using Ksplice to apply patches without reboots.

There was no operational impact as the bank was able to easily switch from CentOS to Oracle Linux, which is 100% application binary-compatible with Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Alior Bank was able to unify its Linux environments and get fast resolution and support for any issues while managing support costs.

Published:January 8, 2021