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Oracle Customer Success

Oracle’s deep data analysis helps Altecsa enter new markets


The maker of natural food ingredients has improved analytics, standardized procesesses, and increased margins by implementing Oracle Cloud ERP.

Business challenges

Altecsa is dedicated to developing food ingredients, such as dyes or enzymes for dairy, that are healthier, more natural, and tailor-made for customers’ needs. Founded in 1993 with about 170 employees, the Mexican company has mainly served the United States and Central American markets. But with the global food industry more focused on healthy and natural products, Altecsa sees new paths to expand in South American and European markets.

All the company’s products are extracted and formulated from natural sources, and Altecsa has an alliance with growers in Mexico’s countryside to ensure a high-quality and consistent supply of raw materials.

To enter new markets and keep up with the demands of existing customers, Altecsa needed constant product innovation, and also wanted to improve and standardize operations. Altecsa needed to modernize its technological platform with the goal of becoming one of the most important companies in its sector worldwide.

Acquiring Oracle’s solution helped us strengthen our information, control, and operational structures, to then lay the foundation for some of our most important business processes—the processes for information management and organizational control.

Augusto Sergio Tirado Hernández

Director of Finance, Altecsa

Why Altecsa Chose Oracle

Altecsa chose Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP and EPM because Oracle offered a clear vision for how the applications provide a technology platform for modernizing the company’s business management.


With Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP, Altecsa can better predict and manage to sales trends, more successfully plan the production process, and provide stronger analytics, leading to faster decision-making. Improved cost controls have resulted in a three-point improvement in profit margins.  

By doing deeper analysis of sales behavior, the company can better understand which products are selling, and what the active ingredients in those are, enabling the company to better predict patterns and respond.

“For Altecsa, it’s very important to analyze not only the pesos or dollars that our sales represent, but also the quantities of product sold and their active ingredients,” says Augusto Sergio Tirado Hernández, director of finance. “The tool was developed and designed to provide a deeper analysis, and this is allowing us to very swiftly predict and react to sales patterns.”

Another benefit of Oracle Cloud ERP is the ability to better plan the production plant’s processes and thus improve delivery times to customers. That planning also leads to better cost controls and higher profit margins.

Managers now also have more trust in the company’s operations, technology, and information. With trust in the system’s information, and with Oracle responsible for running the technology behind the system, the Altecsa team can focus on analysis and more timely decision-making.

“With Oracle ERP, one of the things that got better was how much we trust the system,” Tirado says. Now, the company will focus on training staff and changing the team's mentality.

“Today we have a great opportunity to take advantage of the system’s capabilities, and make our personnel effectively transition from being mere operators, to true and authentic creative analysts," Tirado says.


Quanam assisted Altecsa with its implementation of Oracle Cloud applications.

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We are talking about a three-point recovery in profit margin thanks to the improvement in costs.

Augusto Sergio Tirado Hernández

Director of Finance, Altecsa