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Oracle Customer Success—Austrian Ministry of National Defense and Sport (Bundesministerium für Landesverteidigung und Sport)

Austrian Ministry of National Defense and Sport (Bundesministerium für Landesverteidigung und Sport)

The Austrian Ministry of National Defense and Sport Ensures Autonomy of IT Systems Management Thanks to Flexible Learning Solution


With Oracle University, we can learn through a range of media to suit our diverse training requirements, for example providing instant-access courses to staff through Unlimited Learning Subscriptions, and private classroom sessions so we can maintain military secrecy while exploring critical IT issues.

— Eng. Thomas Rumpf, Manager Database Systems, Austrian Ministry of National Defense and Sport

The Austrian Ministry of National Defense and Sport (Bundesministerium für Landesverteidigung und Sport, BMLVS) is responsible for the country’s armed forces and the development of sporting activities. Austria’s membership in the United Nations, the European Union, and the Partnership for Peace (PfP) Program has increased the importance of the Ministry’s foreign assignments. Austrian soldiers largely contribute to international peace-keeping missions and to humanitarian or disaster relief operations abroad. In case of an attack on Austrian territory, BMLVS’ defense forces are ready to respond immediately to ensure the safety and protection of the country’s population. Other tasks include defending constitutionally established institutions and the population's democratic freedoms, preserving law and order, and providing humanitarian aid in case of natural catastrophes.

BMLVS is also responsible for developing and implementing national sports policy across a range of issues, including the funding and promotion of sports in general as well as specific sporting events; developing sports for people with disabilities; creating anti-doping initiatives; and encouraging fair-play, gender equality, and integration.

Business Challenge
  • Ensure that BMLVS can manage its IT systems autonomously—critical because lives may depend on system availability when the army is deployed—by providing a flexible learning and development program that enables technical teams to keep skills constantly up to date and to collaborate on the Ministry’s IT priorities
  • Enable a smooth hardware transition to engineered systems and optimal use of the new platform by ensuring that all IT staff—including database administrators and application developers—acquire the necessary technical skills appropriate to their current knowledge, experience, and job function
  • Provide a broad range of learning options and delivery methods to enable individualized digital learning as well as private group sessions for maintaining military secrecy
  • Ensure correct decisions for hardware replacement required to provide ample disk space for new applications and to improve the performance of business-critical applications and databases used across the Ministry
  • Provided greater autonomy for managing IT systems on which BMLVS and the Austrian Armed Forces rely and ensured that technical skills are always up to date by engaging Oracle University as an exclusive provider to deliver a wide variety of courses which perfectly suit the diverse learning needs of the Ministry’s multi-disciplined IT teams
  • Used Oracle’s Private Event learning format to provide a closed space where BMLVS can focus IT training time on internal priorities that are technically complex as well as sensitive to Austria’s military security
  • Provided learning content specifically tailored to participant knowledge, experience, and job function within BMLVS’ IT team, thanks to the ability to consult with the Oracle University instructor prior to Private Event training sessions regarding the course objectives and individual learning expectations
  • Used Oracle’s Unlimited Learning Subscriptions to provide anytime, anywhere training that enables individual IT members such as application developers or database administrators to rapidly dip into or repeat chapters regarding specific Oracle product features that they need to know for a particular task at hand
  • Consolidated all Oracle training through Oracle University to provide a comprehensive and flexible learning solution covering the Ministry’s most common IT training priorities—including Oracle Database and data security options, Oracle application servers, Oracle Linux, and Java
  • Used Oracle University Classroom Training to determine the viability of Oracle products prior to purchase, for example by enabling senior database administrators to test Oracle Exadata’s functionality and confirm its suitability for the Ministry’s hardware replacement needs
  • Enabled BMLVS to select the optimum set of courses and delivery methods for providing IT staff with the technical insight needed to successfully implement and run Oracle Exadata, leveraging Oracle University’s advice for analyzing the Ministry’s training requirements
  • Enabled IT teams to refresh their existing knowledge every day, learn about product updates, and research new technologies of potential interest to the Ministry by using Oracle Learning Streams to provide short chunks of advanced knowledge from Oracle experts
  • Deployed two half-rack Oracle Exadata Database Machines, replacing legacy hardware to improve database availability and application performance; provide a unified server and storage system for running mission-critical databases and applications relied on by the Austrian Armed Forces; and ensure that BMLVS always has enough disk space thanks to improved storage monitoring and forecasting
  • Ensured smooth and incident-free deployment of Oracle Exadata by providing the database team with various pre-implementation Private Event training sessions—for example on Oracle Linux, Oracle Data Guard, and Oracle Exadata—to deliver a solid background and understanding of how the latest Oracle technologies are designed to work optimally together


No other training solution provider can offer a comparable product with the flexibility to learn exactly what we want, when, where, and how we need. Also, Oracle University training is always delivered by excellent instructors, whether at public or private classrooms or through digital learning.

— Eng. Thomas Rumpf, Manager Database Systems, Austrian Ministry of National Defense and Sport

About Austrian Ministry of National Defense and Sport (Bundesministerium für Landesverteidigung und Sport)


Vienna, Austria


More than 25,000
Published:  Dec 14, 2016