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Oracle Customer Success—American Career College, Inc.

American Career College, Inc.

American Career College and West Coast University Uses Human-Resources Process Automation to Focus on Nurturing Faculty


Our top priority is to provide an unparalleled educational service that transforms students’ lives and develops the best healthcare professionals in the marketplace. To do that, we must find and retain top-notch faculty to teach our students. Oracle Global Human Resources Cloud provides us with a scalable, flexible, and affordable technology platform that enables us to reach our goals and much more.

— Segar Annamalai, CIO, American Career College, Inc. and West Coast University, Inc.

American Career College, Inc. and West Coast University, Inc. (ACC/WCU) are private higher-education institutions that provide comprehensive educational experiences to prepare students for careers in healthcare. With long and rich histories as premier educational institutions offering the full lifecycle of training and education for nurses and other healthcare professionals, ACC/WCU maintain 10 locations across Southern California, Texas, and Florida, with international expansion on the horizon.
Business Challenge
  • Automate and streamline core human resources (HR) processes to support expansion of educational institutions that prepare students for careers in the rapidly growing healthcare sector
  • Create an integrated next-generation HR system with data integrity across applications—such as payroll and talent management systems—to improve user confidence and save time and money
  • Shift HR organization focus from a manual, transaction-based team to one that can focus on talent management—attracting, retaining, and cultivating a faculty that is dedicated to providing an outstanding experience to its students
  • Deployed Oracle Global Human Resources Cloud applications to improve core HR process efficiency and increase capacity, allowing staff to spend more time on strategic initiatives that support the healthcare educational institutions’ continued domestic and international growth
  • Deployed the flexible, cloud-based solution in just over four months, accelerating time to value
  • Automated and replaced cumbersome, paper-based systems, saving time and money and expanding visibility into candidates and processes―from recruiting, to performance evaluation and goal management—ultimately ensuring ACC/WCU can attract and retain the top healthcare faculty in the market
  • Gave managers new levels of visibility into and control over performance and goal-management processes, and introduced a leadership program using the newly acquired analytical capabilities
  • Aligned performance criteria for all employees with ACC/WCU’s competencies to ensure employees understand what is expected of them
  • Established a standardized process for setting and measuring employee goals―helping to improve retention and ensuring that goals align with organizational strategy
  • Ensured high availability and efficient HR system management with a cloud-based platform, freeing internal staff members to focus on other strategic priorities
  • Benefitted from the extreme configurability of the solution, reducing the need for costly customizations
  • Ensured seamless integration with existing systems—such as payroll and data warehouse systems

Why They Chose Oracle

After evaluating the benefits of several cloud-based human capital management (HCM) solutions—including a solution from Workday—ACC/WCU selected Oracle Global Human Resources Cloud applications, based on Oracle’s vision for the solution and its dedication to investing in research and development.

Additionally, we selected Oracle because it is an integrated solution that enables us to automate core HR processes, eliminate paper, and better align organizational strategies, all without extensive customization.

— Segar Annamalai, CIO, American Career College, Inc. and West Coast University, Inc.

About American Career College, Inc.


Irvine, California, United States


Published:  Sep 01, 2019