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All Nippon Airways Increases New Bookings with Oracle Engineered Systems


By gaining an integrated service platform with Oracle Exadata Database Machine, we can rapidly share real-time data with partner airlines and deliver a seamless customer experience. We also increased new international bookings, ensured stable airline operations, and supported growth.

— Kenji Nakamura, Director, Global IT Strategy, All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd.

All Nippon Airways Increases New International Bookings and Ensures Stable Airline Operations with Engineered Systems

All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. (ANA) is one of the world’s leading airline companies and the largest full service airline in Japan. With sluggish domestic demands and increased inbound tourists, ANA has rapidly expanded its international operations by creating new routes and expanding code sharing with Star Alliance member airlines.  

To support its growth strategy, ANA needed to modernize its existing international flight booking system and enable seamless service integration between Amadeus Altéa (Altéa)—a major global airline booking and passenger service system—and various internal systems. ANA also wanted to improve system capacity and support large volumes of daily flight booking transactions with other airline partners.  

  • Enable smooth data linkage between Altéa and multiple internal applications, such as the mileage system, and share the same real-time data with partner airlines to increase customer satisfaction through initiatives such as a mileage program
  • Gain ability to quickly process large volumes of new international flight bookings without disruption during peak periods, such as Golden Week in Japan, due to increased code-share arrangements with partner airlines
  • Use a flexible and reliable database platform to support frequent data type changes in the global airline booking system and reduce time and costs for ongoing administration and maintenance work
  • Support critical airline operations, such as flight reservations, and minimized impact to passenger services by ensuring high availability and eliminating  disastrous delay in the event of system failures
  • Increased new bookings for international inbound flights by deploying Oracle Exadata Database Machine, Oracle SOA Suite, Oracle B2B for EDI, and Oracle Data Integrator to provide an integrated service platform for the internal systems, such as reservations and mileage
  • Delivered seamless customer service, such as airport lounge service and mileage claims from Star Alliance airline partners, by using Oracle Data Integrator to extract and load massive volumes of Altéa raw data into existing internal applications and transform the data in Oracle Exadata
  • Improved operating efficiency by increasing system capacity to 300,000 daily transactions with a high-performing and scalable Oracle Exadata, allowing the airline to rapidly process 30 transactions per second and share up to 250,000 real-time daily transactions, such as international flight bookings, with the partner airlines
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction by gaining ability to quickly respond to sharp increase in transaction volume during peak periods, such as the long holidays for Golden and Silver weeks in Japan, without delays, thanks to a high-performing Oracle Exadata
  • Simplified system management by integrating Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c with Oracle Exadata, and providing a highly visual and intuitive interface for IT staff to easily monitor the booking system
  • Ensured smooth and stable airline operations  by providing a unified view of all the hardware and software components, such as database servers, with Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c and enabling IT staff members to quickly identify the component that caused system failure and rapidly resolve the issue
  • Gained a flexible database platform and enabled the airline to easily update the system without performing data analysis each time and  support continuous changes in Altéa data format, such as passenger information or booking types


Only Oracle Exadata could provide a high-performing and reliable database platform and help us to simplify database management and reduce costs. Oracle SOA Suite and Oracle B2B for EDI also enabled seamless Altéa format data transfer, reducing further development costs.

— Kazumasa Saito, project manager, Next Generation Common Platform Development Project, ANA Systems Co., Ltd.


ANA engaged ANA Systems Co., Ltd., an IT arm of ANA Holdings Co., Ltd. to manage the new database project. ANA used Oracle SOA Suite, Oracle B2B for EDI and Oracle Data Integrator to connect the data between Altéa cloud service and other existing internal applications, such as its billing system, and Oracle Exadata to store the databases.  ANA also tested the entire data import process to ensure data security. ANA went live smoothly with the new platform across all the airports worldwide.

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Founded in 1952, All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd (ANA) is one of the world’s leading airline companies, with over 42 million passengers annually. Its top priority is to ensure the safety of its airline services and become a world leader in the airline industry by enhancing customer satisfaction and value creation.



Oracle Partner, NEC, already provided service for ANA’s existing domestic booking system. With deep understanding of ANA’s business needs, NEC worked with ANA again and assigned up to 600 staff for the international booking system project.

“NEC was reliable and professional. They endeavored to resolve possible challenges in advance and ensured timely delivery of Oracle Exadata,” said Kazumasa Saito, project manager, Next Generation Common Platform Development Project, ANA Systems Co., Ltd.

Published:  Dec 13, 2016