Anteja turns to OCI to help agribusinesses connect with global value chains

With OCI, Anteja now runs its phy2app with all transaction processing and data management on a cloud platform powered entirely by renewable energy.


We wanted to lower our IT support costs and establish high levels of availability for our customers. With OCI and MySQL Cloud, we not only achieved those goals but also partnered with an organization that shares our commitment to sustainability and inclusivity.

Jon GoriupHead of Digital Solutions and Strategy, Anteja

Business challenges

Small and family farms produce around 80% of the world’s food, typically in regions that are economically underdeveloped and where workers struggle to thrive beyond subsistence farming. Often, they lack access to modern agricultural methods and awareness within global value chains.

Headquartered in Slovenia, Anteja seeks to change that status quo. The company provides products and services to cooperatives and government agencies that help agribusinesses and farmers gain access to global buyers, minimize environmental risks, tackle climate change, and overcome social inequalities. Anteja’s phy2app, a digital transparency and traceability solution, has helped a number of East African agribusinesses establish trust and create trade relationships with international buyers.

Anteja offers web-based applications that agribusinesses use to connect to global value chains, market their products, or analyze and trace their products as they travel through the supply chain. The company developed the applications in JavaScript and processed them using a MySQL database supported on an internal data center, which proved to be costly and complex.

Many of Anteja’s clients operate on a seasonal basis, leading to time periods where the data center was underused but still needed to be maintained. The company was incurring inordinately high support costs for both technology and IT resources. Additionally, occasional system outages could last for hours, negatively impacting clients’ customer experience.

As Anteja’s leadership set out to eliminate system disruptions and lower costs, they also placed a high value on partnering with a cloud provider that placed high importance on sustainability.

With OCI, Anteja cut IT support costs in half and eliminated system disruptions to improve clients’ customer experience.

Why Anteja chose Oracle

Although Anteja dabbled in the past with AWS, the company thoroughly evaluated cloud infrastructure solutions offered by Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure. During the evaluation process, the company’s leadership became aware of Oracle’s commitment to a high-performance green cloud solution that focuses strongly on sustainability. All of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) European data centers are powered by renewable energy.

Based on the combination of price, performance, elasticity, and sustainability, Anteja selected OCI and MySQL HeatWave Database Service as its cloud platform.


Anteja’s internal technical team worked with Oracle to migrate its data center to OCI. Today, all web-based applications and related transactions, along with the MySQL database, are on a platform that is 100% powered by renewable energy. System downtime was essentially eliminated, enhancing clients’ user experience.

With OCI’s elasticity and scalability, Anteja pays only for the computing services that it uses. That pricing model, along with no longer funding and supporting a data center, produced a 50% reduction in IT support costs. Additionally, the company now relies on Oracle’s large-scale investment in security services to protect its clients’ sensitive data.

The company is considering moving application development to OCI and using OCI Integration Services to support new use cases. For example, another Anteja application uses Hyperledger blockchain technology to support traceability capabilities, which is also supported by Oracle Blockchain solutions.

Beyond the quantifiable business benefits Anteja is experiencing, it is proud to partner with a cloud solution provider that shares a commitment to sustainability and inclusivity.

Published:January 19, 2023

About the customer

Anteja is a successful Slovenian company with clients that include the World Bank Group and the European Commission. It provides solutions that advocate for smaller sustainable farms in the developing world.