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Oracle Customer Success—Apex Health

Apex Health

Apex Health streamlines healthcare with Oracle Cloud


When we’re solving a problem for healthcare providers, if Oracle wasn’t the best technology to use, we’d use something different. But it’s great for us, and it feeds all our needs.

— Rich Mutell, Cofounder and CEO, Apex Health Innovations

Using Oracle Application Express (APEX) on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Apex Health Innovations’ HIPAA-compliant applications streamline life-saving work.
Business Challenge
  • Building applications for the healthcare and biotech/pharma industries, with their myriad regulations and privacy concerns, requires a deep understanding of how those businesses work, plus proven data security and HIPAA-compliance chops. Apex Health Innovations had that expertise, but what it needed was a cloud infrastructure and development platform on which to build and deliver those applications rapidly.
  • The team at Apex Health Innovations has realized numerous successes by building and launching powerful, flexible, HIPAA-compliant applications on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. These include an application that is being used by two of the largest kidney dialysis organizations in the US at more than 3,000 dialysis clinics, and applications that are helping some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies plan and execute the development of new therapies.
  • Recently, Apex Health Innovations built an application overnight using Oracle APEX that filled the reporting gap between COVID-19 testing labs and organ procurement networks across the US. The quick work helped researchers at Columbia and The Cleveland Clinic assess the prevalence of COVID-19 across the donor population.
  • “Oracle Application Express and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure meant we were able to turn that application from a concept to an application in a 12-hour timespan,” says Rich Mutell, cofounder and CEO of Apex Health Innovations.

Why They Chose Oracle

When the team at Apex Health Innovations sees an opportunity to connect healthcare providers or help streamline a process to improve patient care, the team moves fast. They chose Oracle Cloud Infrastructure so they could deliver the confidence of a secure, high-performance cloud platform—while also impressing clinicians by meeting exacting requirements and leveraging the fast, feature-rich application development environment in Oracle APEX.

About Apex Health

Oracle Solutions Used

Published:  May 27, 2020