The Indian nonprofit uses Oracle HCM Cloud to hire the most dedicated aid workers and Oracle ERP Cloud to manage donations.
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Location: India

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About the customer

Comfort in the storm

Save the Children, the US-based global organization, is celebrating 100 years of service to the world’s most vulnerable citizens. Its affiliate in India has made important strides in saving the lives of newborns and young children in a country with the world’s highest infant mortality rate.

After the country’s all-too-frequent typhoons, floods, and other natural disasters, the organization marshals teams of rescue workers to provide food, temporary shelter, and a ray of hope to the youngest victims and their families.

Save the Children, India is working to lift up the 22% of the population living in poverty.

There is a lasting sense of satisfaction when I reflect on all our accomplishments during the last 100 years.
Deepak Kapoor, Chairman, Save the Children, India

Customer Story

Providing real-time hope

Meghna Goyal, a relief worker for Save the Children, India, is skilled at keeping her spirits high. She and her colleagues on the humanitarian aid team respond to some of India’s worst natural catastrophes, including earthquakes, floods, and cyclones.

Save the Children, India relies on Oracle HCM Cloud to attract and cultivate workers like Goyal who live out of a backpack, spend long months away from home, and work in extremely challenging—even dangerous—conditions.

Oracle’s cloud-based HR system has given Save the Children, India access to a global pool of employee specialists to help in emergencies worldwide. Those temp specialists work in that location for a few months, then head home, significantly increasing the size of the organization’s emergency-response force.

Agency professionals also count on Oracle ERP Cloud for instant access to real-time financial data from all locations. The finance team can track every grant and carefully monitor expenditures against available funds, allowing Save the Children, India to accurately report to donors “every rupee received and spent by our organization,” says CEO Bidisha Pillai.

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By automating its routine paperwork with Oracle, Save the Children, India has freed its employees to spend more of their time caring for children.

Modern cloud technologies have helped us manage our financial data better. Therefore, we can provide value for every rupee received and spent by our organization.

Bidisha Pillai, CEO, Save the Children, India