ARQUIMEA accelerates growth with Oracle Cloud

Research and development technology group rapidly expands and evolves with optimized data management from Oracle Autonomous Database.


We opted for Oracle Autonomous Database, which self-manages, self-patches, self-maintains, and self-secures, allowing us to delegate all data management and security in it and dedicate ourselves to tasks that really add value to the business, such as developing our own application and innovating products.

Juan Antonio MorenoChief Information Officer, ARQUIMEA

Business challenges

ARQUIMEA is an international technology group focused on research and development with projects in many industries, including healthcare, finance, agrotechnology, aerospace, defense, and industrial services.

In the last two years, the technology company has experienced exponential growth, so it needed to evolve with greater agility to meet increasing demands for service. To continue innovating and sustaining business growth, the group wanted a technological infrastructure solution to improve speed, flexibility, robustness, and reliability.

Why ARQUIMEA Chose Oracle

ARQUIMEA decided to move development of its applications from scratch to Oracle Autonomous Database. The company chose Oracle Cloud to free its developers from all data management and security administration tasks to speed innovation, improve performance, and reduce costs.


Since moving development to Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure more than two years ago, ARQUIMEA’s mission-critical application experienced zero downtime for high availability and reliability. Thanks to the more powerful, self-optimized database, performance is 15X faster compared to other on-premises systems, while total cost of ownership is 20% less. 

Developers have eliminated 40% of the time spent on database maintenance to focus on more strategic application development activities for product innovation. Autoscaling has improved the company’s ability to onboard any customer of any size with greater speed by scaling capacity up or down, depending on demand. Also, ARQUIMEA pays only for the capacity it uses. 

ARQUIMEA’S IT staff has transformed from a technical support function to an essential role—working to develop and evolve the company’s cutting-edge products.

Published:April 9, 2021