Arquitecsoft adds technical innovation with Oracle Cloud

The Colombian company adopts Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to gain security and peace of mind for customers and new technologies for developers.


Working with Oracle has brought us huge benefits. We’ve had a reduction of about 85% in staff hours.

Héctor Javier Cuervo RamírezGeneral Manager, Arquitecsoft

Business challenges

Arquitecsoft, a Colombian company with more than a decade in the market as a technology service provider, has extensive expertise supporting public utility companies in their commercial, financial, and administrative processes. The company provides customers with its ARQ Business Suite platform, which Arquitecsoft needed to deliver via a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model. It turned to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to run that platform.

A few years ago, the company also faced the challenge of needing more secure and efficient information processing for its customer management, so it implemented Oracle Fusion Cloud Service and Oracle Java Cloud Service.

Being with Oracle translates into joy for our work team, who can grow and find new opportunities. Also, being with Oracle translates into security and accessibility for our customers.

Héctor Javier Cuervo RamírezGeneral Manager, Arquitecsoft

Why Arquitecsoft Chose Oracle

Arquitecsoft chose Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Oracle Database Cloud Service to run its platform because the leadership team felt Oracle would provide the best support and security for its customers. When a customer sees that the ARQ Business Suite is running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, they feel confident and reassured that they are working with cutting-edge technology. “Working with Oracle immediately gives the customer that feeling that they are working with someone who knows technology, the business, and its trajectory," says Hector Javier Cuervo Ramírez, general manager at Arquitecsoft.


Running on OCI and Oracle Database Cloud Service has allowed Arquitecsoft to develop its product more efficiently, reducing required staff hours by 85%.

The company has also gained a major benefit due to the cloud security services that OCI offers. Being able to offer ARQ Business Suite customers the OCI security features increases the value of Arquitecsoft products to customers. And Oracle is continually adding new capabilities and services.

Using Oracle Cloud has spurred Arquitecsoft to move and evolve faster, as development teams put technology innovations to use that go beyond what the company had been used to using. The company considers this a key benefit to ever-increasing competitiveness, and it also provides a great employee incentives and benefits, giving staffers ways to grow their careers. The company now has access to new technologies that previously it couldn’t use due to high costs.

Published:June 25, 2021