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Oracle Customer Success—Asahi Refining

Asahi Refining

Asahi Refining Transitions Financials and Procurement Processes to the Cloud


Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning Cloud improved our business process management, ensuring increased security and data reliability—enabling us to focus on propelling our business of refining gold and silver into the future.

— Kevin Braddy, IT Director, Asahi Refining

Asahi Refining combines nearly 200 years of industry experience with forward-looking innovation to bring its customers the world’s leading provider of precious metal assaying, refining, and bullion products. Asahi Holdings is a Tokyo, Japan based precious metals recycling (collection, recovery, refinement) company founded in 1952. Asahi Holdings acquired Johnson Matthey’s (JM) North American precious metal refineries, and Asahi Refining Salt Lake City is one of those refineries.
Business Challenge
  • Replace manually-intensive legacy enterprise resource planning (ERP) environment—which the company was using for decades as a corporate system—with a modern, integrated system to accelerate report creation and increase financial visibility
  • Manage the ERP footprint across the organization with minimal IT resources to ensure the company can shift its full attention to its core business of refining gold and silver—accelerating business growth
  • Transitioned from Asahi Refining’s previous parent company’s legacy environment to an integrated financial and accounting cloud system, providing the gold and silver refinery’s executive team with real-time access to financial reports to increase visibility into reliable financial data and improve decision-making
  • Enabled Asahi Refining to close month-end books in just three days versus the week it took to complete previously in the legacy environment
  • Standardized reporting, reduced month-end processing, and provided timely corporate reporting
  • Created seamless, ongoing integration between Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Cloud and the company’s legacy metal system as well as its third-party payroll application using Oracle Java Cloud Service
  • Used Oracle Database Cloud Service to validate all data coming into Oracle ERP Cloud from the company’s legacy environment
  • Lowered total cost of ownership by providing subscription-based, self-service access to a reliable, scalable, and elastic cloud environment
  • Achieved a unified procurement process saving hours of work previously needed to maintain complex employee approval hierarchy in the homegrown purchasing system with Oracle Self-Service Procurement Cloud Service
  • Increased efficiency in processing receivables transactions
  • Provided scalability as the company grows and enabled its users to retrieve pertinent data with ease
  • Laid foundation to integrate the company’s cloud environment with other legacy systems in the future to realize additional business efficiencies


We selected Oracle for a couple reasons. First, we wanted to be on one of the most modern, secure ERP cloud platforms on the market today, but most importantly, we wanted to focus on refining gold and silver instead of having to mitigate IT issues.

— Kevin Braddy, IT Director, Asahi Refining


Oracle specialized partner, 6e Technologies worked with Asahi Refining to transition from its parent company’s legacy ERP system onto Oracle Financials Cloud, Oracle Purchasing Cloud, and Oracle Self-Service Procurement Cloud in less than 15 weeks. To achieve this, 6e Technologies performed its internal Rapid Implementation Methodology using Oracle’s Rapid Implementation templates and its own project management expertise. The team used a unique implementation method where the system integrators met with the system users at client site only for requirement gathering, conference room pilots, and go-live. During the duration of the implementation process, the team worked to configure the system and used remote meeting technologies whenever needed. This approach ensured a large savings for the client as the travel involved was minimal. During the last phase of the implementation, 6e Technologies ensured that its team was on site working closely with Asahi Refining, who went live on October 9, 2015 and successfully completed its first month end.

About Asahi Refining


Salt Lake City, Utah, United States



Annual Revenue

Under $100 Million


Asahi Holdings turned to Oracle specialized partner, 6e Technologies to scope the migration project for its Salt Lake City-based Asahi Refining over a one-day workshop. 6e Technologies helped articulate the project challenges and also set very specific success criteria. The proposal and senior technical team demonstrated a world class knowledgeable approach while always keeping in mind deadlines and budget.

The successful implementation of Oracle ERP Cloud applications enabled Asahi Refining to streamline its procurement and financials process, and provide better visibility into its business operations. The new system ensured enhanced role-based security, better communications, and smooth execution of business processes. 6e Technologies also helped in the seamless integration of various Oracle components and unique industry applications into the new applications, by doing hybrid integrations. 6e Technologies helped to interface data from Asahi Refining’s legacy on-premises system as well as its payroll cloud system into Oracle Financials Cloud—helping the company access accurate reporting. 6e Technologies also converted historical data to provide Asahi Refining with year-to-date comparisons for its financial reporting.

“6e Technologies exceeded our expectations with the Oracle ERP Cloud implementation while seamlessly integrating with our other legacy and cloud systems using Oracle Java Cloud Service and Oracle Database Cloud Service. Its team configured and integrated the Oracle applications and helped map our complex business processes to a world class financial cloud system. We went live with all of this in less than six months,” Braddy said.
Published:  Aug 08, 2016