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AskStory Supports Global Expansion at a Lower Cost with Oracle


Migrating to flexible and scalable Oracle IaaS enabled us to increase new product development efficiency and respond faster to customer needs. We can now focus on supporting business growth by innovating artificial intelligence technology into more IoT devices.

— Steve Kwon, CEO, AskStory

AskStory Develops New Products Faster and Cuts IT Costs with a Stable and Scalable Oracle IaaS

AskStory is an artificial intelligence (AI) software development company specializing in integrating AI technology with various lifestyle products, such as air conditioners, televisions, and remote controls. Its goal is to improve the quality of life for its customers.  
To support global business expansion, AskStory wanted to improve the flexibility and scalability of its infrastructure and respond faster to application development.
  • Enable faster development for new AI products and meet increased customer demands by providing a centralized development environment and enabling easy access to large amounts of data, such as user patterns for air conditioner   
  • Gain a stable and scalable infrastructure to support data crawling and mining on machine learning and distributed processing, even with sudden spikes in user or sales traffic 
  • Increased development efficiency and responded faster to customer needs by integrating six legacy servers into Oracle IaaS and allowing rapid provisioning and deployment of complex AI applications 
  • Cut IT infrastructure costs by gaining the flexibility to scale resources up and down without adding servers and storage as data increases
  • Reduced server load and improved resource management by simultaneously running commands from server to server and providing complete control over resource usage and network traffic for data mining and distributed machine learning with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Compute Classic Enabled the business to easily store, access, and manage large amount of data, such as user patterns, IoT devices, and location, required for AI software development with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage Classic


Oracle IaaS outperformed competitors with its high-performing and easy-to-use integration capabilities. It is also very cost effective, providing us a perfect solution to improve development efficiency and support our global growth strategy.

— Steve Kwon, CEO, AskStory


AskStory conducted testing and migrated its legacy environment to Oracle IaaS. It completed the deployment in just three weeks and delivered new AI services with the new platform.

About AskStory


Seoul, Korea



Annual Revenue

US$0.4 Million
AskStory is a Korean provider of artificial intelligence software. It develops innovative products with AskI—the AI engine—to improve customer lifestyle, by learning user patterns and maximizing resources. For example, one of its products can connect a myOndo temperature IoT device to an air conditioner’s remote control.. In 2016, AskStory received the Best Design Award from Good Design and also Hi-Seoul Good Product Award.
Published:  Mar 12, 2018