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Oracle Customer Success—Atradius Collections

Atradius Collections

Atradius Collections Gains Over 10% in Sales-Team Productivity with Automated, More Accurate Forecasting and Lead Conversion


Oracle Sales Cloud has powered our transformation to a transparent, proactive, real-time business that can play to its strengths as a world leader in international trade invoice collections.

— Ralph van Dijk, Global Commercial Director, Atradius Collections

Atradius Collections is a global leader in trade-invoice-collection services, and it provides solutions to recover domestic and international trade invoices. Atradius Collections handles more than 100,000 cases a year for more than 14,500 customers, covering over 200 countries.
Business Challenge
  • Support growth in trade-credit insurance activities for its customer base that includes midsize, large, and multinational organizations in diverse sectors, such as logistics, chemicals, aluminum, construction, and textiles
  • Standardize and streamline customer- and trade-invoice management activities for a businesses where, in 70% of cases, the seller and buyer reside in different countries
  • Gain a single, up-to-date view of each client’s interactions across all countries to maximize service quality and grow per-customer revenue by offering relevant, incremental trade-invoice collection and/or credit-insurance solutions
  • Cut typical six-month sales cycle, boost lead-to-sale conversion rates, enhance forecasting accuracy, and improve productivity of sales and front-office teams
  • Evolve processes to meet new customers’ or market needs rapidly and without the need for additional infrastructure investment
  • Increased sales-team productivity by over 10% in nine months by automating previously manual processes for lead generation, forecasting, and territory management for trade-invoice collections with Oracle Sales Cloud
  • Grew lead-to-sales conversions and increased up-sell opportunities by replacing fragmented, incomplete knowledge repositories with a single, central customer record accessible to all sales, marketing, and customer support staff members
  • Streamlined sales cycles using Oracle Sales Cloud to score and rank leads for quality and integrity and to pass validated leads to sales representatives according to their industry expertise, knowledge of the client, and geographical location
  • Tracked lifecycle of sales leads from inception to closure
  • Optimized allocation of leads and management of opportunities in each geographic region, using Oracle Sales Cloud to model territories and determine the most effective coverage of sales areas
  • Increased sales forecasting accuracy by replacing spreadsheets with Oracle Sales Cloud’s advanced, automated tools and custom-embedded analytics to determine likely future revenue for the next month, quarter, year, and beyond
  • Created monthly dashboards for line of business managers and analysts  and enabled them to track changes and model what-if scenarios
  • Used embedded intelligence tools in Oracle Sales Cloud to identify the highest-performing salespeople, most-profitable types of customers and industry sectors, and countries with the strongest growth potential
  • Began roll out of the solution in 17 other countries, including Denmark, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Australia and United States
  • Planned to implement Oracle Eloqua Marketing Cloud Service to manage multichannel marketing campaigns

Why Customer Chose Oracle

Atradius Collections assessed several competitors in addition to Oracle. After demonstrations from all suppliers and interviews with existing customers, Oracle achieved the broadest, best business fit and met all the company’s requirements using standard applications. Only Oracle had the functionality to manage the complex and diverse requirements of the company’s diverse customer base with a wide geographic scope. Atradius Collections chose to implement a cloud solution instead of an on-premise system for its lower cost, easier maintenance, simpler upgrades, and ability to scale in the future.

Oracle’s solution was unique in meeting the full range of our requirements while integrating with third-party systems and ensuring rapid user adoption. Oracle’s product roadmap and commitment to releasing new functionality enhancements each year in line with customer feedback means Oracle Sales Cloud will continue to meet our growing requirements.

— Ralph van Dijk, Global Commercial Director, Atradius Collections


Oracle Sales Cloud was implemented in only 11 weeks in the Netherlands and Belgium by Oracle Diamond Partner Infosys working with experts from Oracle and IT managers at Atradius Collections. The company anticipates that it will achieve roll-out to other countries within an even faster period.

"Going live in 11 weeks was a tremendous achievement," said Sonja van Haasteren, global customer experience manager, Atradius Collections. "The outstanding support provided by Oracle and Infosys during the implementation and the fact that no customizations were needed made this possible."

About Atradius Collections


Amsterdam, The Netherlands



Annual Revenue

Under $100 Million


Atradius Collections chose Oracle Diamond Partner Infosys for its unrivalled Oracle product knowledge and proven track record of implementing Oracle Cloud solutions. As an existing strategic partner of Atradius Collections, Infosys helped the company define its objectives and map them to Oracle applications to ensure it adopted industry-standard best practices.

Oracle Solutions Used

Published:  Jul 31, 2014