The Australian National University helps astronomers see farther with AI

OCI helps ANU researchers develop AI that enhances large telescopes, enabling astronomers to study celestial objects in greater detail.


I found Oracle’s bare metal servers offer an unparalleled degree of freedom for researchers who are comfortable with that type of technology. At the same time, the Oracle Ubuntu template made getting set up on the cloud easy, enabling me to build the boot volume quickly myself. The flexibility of the bare metal server and the ease of Oracle’s template meant I had the best of both worlds.

Jeffrey SmithResearcher and PhD Student, School of Computing, The Australian National University

The Australian National University (ANU) School of Computing prides itself as a premier center for research in artificial intelligence and machine learning, computer systems and software, and theoretical foundations of computing. To support its work in Adaptive Optics systems, ANU turned to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to develop an innovative approach using state-of-the-art computer vision methods with deep Convolutional Neural Networks for image translation from sensor data. Using this technology on telescopes, astronomers will be able to acquire even clearer and more detailed images of the universe, leading to exciting new discoveries and advancing our understanding of the cosmos.

Published:December 20, 2023