B.TECH doubles recruiting capacity with Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud

B.TECH supports rapid retail growth by doubling recruiting capacity, reducing time to hire, and enhancing employment brand with Oracle Cloud.

B.TECH is the largest Egyptian retail chain for home appliances and consumer electronics and operates as the exclusive agent for several top-tier international brands. Having recently experienced significant growth, including opening around 10 new branches yearly and launching an e-commerce solution for its website the previous year, the company needed to optimize its recruitment processes and reduce time to hire to meet rising staffing demands.


Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud reduced our time and cost to hire, improved the candidate experience, and empowered our recruitment team to increase capacity from 400 to 800 new hires per year without adding resources. This has played a major role in supporting our accelerated growth of retail outlets.

Ramy HassanBusiness Solutions Manager, B.TECH for Trading and Distribution Company SAE

Business challenges

  • Reduce time to hire hundreds of retail staff per year by streamlining and automating requisition management and applicant tracking processes, previously conducted using disparate spreadsheets and on paper
  • Increase staffing capacity (by reducing time to fill) to support rapid retail business growth, including opening several new home appliances stores every year
  • Improve quality of hires by expanding reach and effectiveness of sourcing activities—for example, by enhancing B.Tech’s careers website and advertising vacancies on social media
  • Support B.TECH’s aim to be the best hiring organization in the Middle East by the end of 2020 by enhancing candidate care and driving staffing and onboarding best practices
  • Improve human resources (HR) efficiency by delivering actionable insights into processes and performance across the entire staffing function from requisition approval to onboarding

We selected Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud because it perfectly fit our needs in terms of automating processes and applying best practices throughout the recruitment function and met our growing demand for staffing as we continue to rapidly expand our retail stores.

Ramy HassanBusiness Solutions Manager, B.TECH for Trading and Distribution Company SAE


  • Shaved weeks off the requisition-to-hire cycle time, reduced costs, and enhanced quality of hire by implementing Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud to standardize and streamline staffing processes, track all applicants, and manage hundreds of retail vacancies across dozens of B.TECH stores
  • Reduced average time to fill a range of blue and white collar retail positions from up to 40 days to around 25 days by using the automation of Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud to post jobs on professional and social media sites, screen and rank applicants according to job match, and communicate effectively with candidates throughout the hiring cycle
  • Enabled B.TECH to meet rapid increases in hiring needs—recruiting 800 retail positions per year compared to 400 just 2 years previously—without needing to add any dedicated staffing resources
  • Accelerated business growth and agility by providing the recruiting capability to ensure that 80 retail branches are fully staffed with the best available candidates and that future stores can be staffed and operational in minimal timeframes
  • Supported staffing best practices by implementing an efficient and attractive careers portal on the company’s website through which jobseekers can apply for open vacancies and track their application progress—becoming the candidate source for 150 out of 700 vacancies filled in the first year
  • Increased transparency of recruitment and onboarding processes by replacing multiple standalone spreadsheets with a single cloud platform to manage hundreds of requisitions and tens of thousands of candidates—significantly enhancing efficiency and coordination between the multi-located talent acquisition team
  • Reinforced B.TECH’s standing as an employer of choice by enhancing the candidate experience—for example, by making it easy to find and apply for a position online, by enabling successful candidates to start new positions faster and by ensuring that all applicants are promptly and continually informed of the status of their applications 
  • Improved HR services to retail business lines by enabling hiring managers to see at a glance the status of their requisitions, details of all applicants, and forthcoming interview schedules; and to immediately address any staffing concerns with recruiters
  • Streamlined the 25-step onboarding phase with automated processes to ensure that all necessary documentation is completed prior to start date and that each new hire begins their career at B.TECH smoothly, fully engaged, and with minimal time to productivity
  • Enabled HR and other managers to generate detailed reports to measure staffing performance at each process step, identify areas for improvement, and monitor the effectiveness of recruitment spend


For its Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud implementation, B.TECH selected Oracle Partner Crystal Consulting Services due to its experience in Oracle Cloud technologies and its references for implementations of similar scope. Crystal consultants were involved in the pre-sales phase, defining the business case and showcasing the benefits of Oracle Cloud in meeting B.TECH’s functional needs.

“Crystal offered us the support to ensure that we leveraged Oracle best practices and methodology and did a great job working through the entire project from requirements analysis right through to go-live and post-implementation support,” Hassan said.
Published:February 22, 2019