Bailey Southwell & Co accelerates proprietary prospecting

The team had a manual process that lacked a strong data foundation, costing them time and potentially deals.


The DataFox integration has finally allowed us to get everything out of DealCloud that we wanted and, as an organization, everyone has realized why we need a CRM with great data and prospecting tools.

Dan WardAssociate, Bailey Southwell & Co

As we target new sectors, I’m able to build out a full landscape of the space with DataFox and then add selected companies to specific lists while not having to leave DealCloud.

Dan WardAssociate, Bailey Southwell & Co

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  • Company Fit: BSC used Datafox’s Similar Companies to identify opportunities to repeat those successes
  • Prioritization: Validated a market of targets and prioritize companies
  • Data-Driven Conferences: Used DataFox Conference Intelligence to identify the most relevant conference


  • Reduced time manually updating and adding data into DealCloud across 5,000 accounts
  • More complete and data rich reports pulled for weekly partner meeting
  • The reporting in DealCloud gives the team the ability to gauge the efficacy of their efforts and to measure results so they can iterate
  • 5,000 accounts enriched
  • 2 new sectors explored in 3 months
  • 30% less time spent on conferences
Published:March 8, 2019