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Banco Galicia Transformed Targeted Marketing with Real-Time Decisions


We wanted to transform the way we interact with our customers, leaving the traditional model behind. We saw in Oracle Real-Time Decisions the potential to have a customer-centered solution with the analytical capabilities to customize service according to the clients’ profile and preferred channel.

— Mariana Leguizamón, Analytical Marketing Manager, Banco Galicia

Banco Galicia Boosted Sales and Increased Banner Clicks by 60% with Oracle Real-Time Decisions

Banco Galicia has more than 110 years of existence and is one of the main private banks in Argentina. A leader in the provision of financial services in Argentina, the entity—which belongs to Grupo Financiero Galicia—operates one of the most extensive and diversified distribution networks in the Argentine private sector. The bank intensified its investments in technology in the last few years and sought a solution that could serve its customers in a more personalized, modern, and effective way.

Banco Galicia implemented Oracle Real-Time Decisions, which is currently underway in the online banking channel, on the portal, and in their Interactive Voice Response (IVR) service. The company plans to continue with the global project, which includes the implementation of Oracle Real-Time Decisions to all contact channels that the bank manages.

  • Stand out among the competition by offering online banners with personalized products, fine-tuned to customers’ preferences
  • Increase the interest of the customers on the bank’s products and to promote the sale of services without resorting to one-size-fits-all offers—avoiding being overly intrusive and reduces the risk of rejection
  • Capture information on all customer contact points and drive remarketing actions such as, tracking products offered on one channel, but not purchased, on the same or another channel
  • Develop new products, geared to the needs of customers, and expand the number of customers in the loyalty program “Quiero!”
  • Optimized the bank's marketing strategy—from just one offer submitted for one group of customers per month to more than 20 offers presented to each client
  • Boosted the interest of its customers in promotional products and services—as seen in the 40% increase in Click-Through Rates (CTR)—and in the growth of conversions
  • Promoted offers that are increasingly better aligned with the bank's objectives
  • Brought 35% of customer traffic to the loyalty program “Quiero!” website, increased new registrations by 17% and boosted product sales
  • Increased electronic payments by 4% and 2.8% of fixed-term investments
  • Enabled the implementation of NPS (Net Promoter Score) surveys to evaluate the quality of the service, to better understand the customers’ profile


Today we face the challenge to be innovative and provide a unique customer experience. Oracle RTD is an effective solution because the predictive models generated make decisions in real time, and based on the client’s preferences, delivering more relevant and timely offers.

— Mariana Leguizamón, Analytical Marketing Manager, Banco Galicia


The tool required interdisciplinary work among the areas of business, advertising, systems, technology, analytical marketing, and the channels where it was implemented. With Oracle Consulting, there were specialized people who contributed with their specific knowledge so that the implementation of the RTD was a success.

About Banco Galicia


Buenos Aires, Argentina



Founded in 1905, Banco Galicia is one of the most prominent private banks in the Argentine financial system, a leader in the provision of financial services throughout the country with 2.5 million customers, both individuals and companies. The institution has an extensive branch network, wide access to banking services by telephone and internet, and also the Galicia Móvil, the first payment service by cell phone established by a bank in Argentina. Banco Galicia is part of the Argentine financial holding group Grupo Financiero Galicia.

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Published:  Apr 03, 2017