Banco Santander Brasil improves customer journey with Oracle

The financial services industry leader keeps expanding its digital channels to stay ahead of customers’ needs, using Oracle Marketing applications.


We tracked real-time transactions through Oracle Infinity. We gained lots of insights and new information. Now, we can understand more and identify journey-related issues such as a service that’s not properly working on a specific device, coming from a specific source. And being able to act on this type of information is incredibly valuable.

Marcela UlianExecutive Superintendent of Digital Business, Banco Santander Brasil

Business challenges

Banco Santander Brasil, the Brazilian subsidiary of Banco Santander, is the largest division of the group in Latin America. The company stands out for its bold vision and execution power, which in a five-year period, turned out profits of more than R$30 billion. Even during the challenging 2020, the financial institution’s performance exceeded expectations, with a net income 47% higher than expected in its third quarter.

These numbers come at a time when large banks like Santander Brasil are encountering competition from fintechs and startups specializing in specific services. To face this new reality, the bank had to increase its speed and efficiency in digital sales and acquisitions, which now represent 50% of the bank’s transactions.

To address its main challenge, Santander Brasil needed to become more agile and efficient. The bank had to consolidate customer information and automate processes.

We are actually implementing Oracle Responsys for acquisition, and our first objective is to understand what’s the best product for the client. Based on the client’s journey, based on the channel they used, we learn about their behavior and determine the best solution for them.

Marcela UlianSuperintendente Executiva, Acquisition and Digital Sales, Banco Santander Brasil

Why Banco Santander Brasil Chose Oracle

Santander considered several leading companies and ultimately selected Oracle for its cloud solutions, which best met the company’s business needs, and its ability to act as a strategic partner, not just a provider.

By implementing Oracle Marketing solutions, part of the Oracle Advertising and Customer Experience suite of applications, the bank is now able to consolidate consumer data and personalize digital service.


The organization is using Oracle Responsys Campaign Management, Oracle Maxymiser Testing and Optimization, and Oracle Infinity Behavioral Intelligence to collect customer data to provide a better experience and increase sales. By consolidating fragmented client information, Santander will be able to talk to clients more consistently and meet their needs.

In targeting new clients, the bank will customize their journeys depending on the products or services customers are looking to buy. Santander will also conduct testing to understand what worked and then replicate the successful initiatives. The bank also remains focused on efficiency, looking to maximize its investments while also increasing customer satisfaction. The overall goal of the project is to obtain a 22% ROI during the next two years.

The bank is using Oracle Maxymiser to better understand its clients. The goal is to expand usage and unify the customer experience across all of Santander Brasil’s sites. It also implemented Oracle Infinity to understand when customers are having issues and to respond immediately, since that product provides real-time visibility that allows Santander to truly make the most of its investment with Oracle Marketing. With approximately 9 million customers accessing the bank’s website every month, the potential is significant.

Published:May 14, 2021