Banco Voiter avoids on-premises hardware failures by migrating to OCI

The Brazilian bank frees up IT staff to focus on developing more strategic projects with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).


We are now operating in a high-performing environment that directly impacts our customers' service levels. In terms of statistics, only 20% of banks worldwide are operating in the cloud, and now with OCI, Banco Voiter is among them.

Carlos NettoCIO, Banco Voiter

Business challenges

A Brazilian financial institution based in  São Paulo, Banco Voiter wanted to offer more integrated financial services to clients, from startups to large companies. But with outdated hardware in its on-premises data center, the bank was at risk of suffering serious incidents that could damage its reputation among customers.

In addition, the constant need to correct failures and crashes by on-premises systems was consuming the IT staff’s time that could have been spent on supporting Voiter’s business strategy and customer experience. Voiter’s IT staffers had to spend about 20% of their time managing crashes and other technical failures.

Voiter chose OCI for the ability to update existing native platforms, adapt the environment on demand, and help reduce costs for its customers.

Why Banco Voiter chose Oracle

With on-premises hardware that was soon to be obsolete, Voiter knew it would need to migrate to the cloud. After conducting thorough evaluations of cloud providers, the company chose Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) because it could update existing native platforms, adapt the environment on demand, and help reduce costs for both the company and its customers. Voiter was also impressed with Oracle's level of support compared to competitors.

After the migration, the internal IT team spends less time fixing hardware issues and contributes more value to the business.


After Voiter migrated to OCI, system failures were eliminated. The company saved between R$5 million and R$14 million by reducing its usage of a physical data center.

The company’s move to cloud was completed within nine months, with no interruption or failures during the implementation. Of the bank's 400 servers, nearly 300 were shifted to the cloud. With the free time that the IT teams gained after moving to OCI, they developed an innovative project for Voiter’s commodities segment. By creating a digital channel, Voiter’s customers can circumvent the need to go to the registry office to complete transactions. The bank calculates that each customer in the agriculture sector lost about a month each year by completing transactions in person, whereas today this time fell to almost zero.

In the coming years, the bank plans to redesign all its infrastructure to operate 100% in the cloud, running everything within OCI.  

Published:May 10, 2023

About the customer

Banco Voiter is a medium-size financial institution based in São Paulo, Brazil, that offers services for clients in the agriculture, technology and corporate sectors.