BAM flourishes in a digital world with Oracle Analytics Cloud

The asset management firm moves from on-premises to OCI, and adopts Oracle Analytics Cloud to improve services and increase decision-making power.  

The Oracle team has helped us move our critical workloads to a cloud-based operating model, so we can securely manage data and gain the insight necessary to make business decisions faster.

Dr. Thanakorn WangpipatwongChief Technology Officer, Bangkok Commercial Asset Management (BAM)

Business challenges

Bangkok Commercial Asset Management (BAM) is the largest asset management company in Thailand. It manages loans and assets that are non-performing, purchasing the loans and assets from financial institutions to restructure the debt and find an optimal solution for all stakeholders.

As one of the most digitally connected societies in the world, Thailand financial service providers are digitizing services to keep pace with consumer preferences. For BAM specifically, the goal is to improve customer services, work more efficiently, and lower costs through fixed, mobile, and cloud connectivity.

To realize its own transformation, BAM launched the Digital Enterprise strategy to reconfigure its IT to optimize customer interactions, increase competitiveness, and lower expenses. To achieve its goals, BAM had to overcome multiple challenges from its on-premises IT infrastructure.

BAM faced issues with data quality, while its complex overall architecture required a considerable amount of IT management time and effort. Decision-making both at an operational and strategic level was hampered by siloed systems and fragmented views of the business’s performance, leaving BAM without a single, reliable data source.

We have thousands of users, internally and from our suppliers, concurrently accessing our systems at any time. We chose OCI, which is a robust system that can handle complex workloads and respond quickly to users while ensuring data security.

Dr. Thanakorn WangpipatwongChief Technology Officer, Bangkok Commercial Asset Management (BAM)

Why Bangkok Commercial Asset Management (BAM) chose Oracle

BAM was already a highly satisfied Oracle customer, having utilized Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) and Oracle Database to support its core operations. Consequently, BAM reviewed Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) as a potential solution for modernizing its underlying IT infrastructure, increasing efficiency, and delivering a single version of the truth.

OCI offered a completely integrated solution, ranging from data warehouse with automated extract, transfer and load service (ETL), data lake, and analytics services.


Supported by Oracle Cloud Lift Services, BAM moved its production environment for 100 end users and a database with a transaction data volume of 4 terabytes to OCI with Oracle Standard Database Service. The shift created a modern data and analytics platform consisting of Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW), Oracle Database Cloud Service (DBCS), Object Storage and Oracle Analytics Cloud. Together, these services protect and store all of BAM’s critical Oracle EBS data securely and improve data quality.

Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse automates data ingestion, data transformation, and modelling that powers Oracle Analytics Cloud for BAM staff to instantly visualize data through reports and dashboards for business insights. The new cloud-based autonomous database and analytics platform serves as a reliable single source of data to improve decision-making and the ability to discover signals hidden among its information. BAM is also able to identify new growth or cost-saving opportunities that might otherwise have been missed.

As a result of OCI, the BAM IT team has been able to shift time that was spent on maintenance activities to more strategic delivery of data and analytics to service its internal teams. Administrators can supply interactive reports and dashboards on request, covering non-performing loans and assets, BAM financials, performance, HR, and Bank of Thailand datasets.

Overall, BAM has moved to an infrastructure designed to support rapid change. The company has the freedom to scale services up and down in line with the demands of the business and end users.


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Published:May 6, 2022