Barrdega lowers infrastructure costs and boosts customer satisfaction with OCI

The supply chain technology vendor gains a competitive edge and increases customer satisfaction after migrating to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).


Having Oracle as an infrastructure vendor is a very good combination of capabilities and cloud offers. It gives us an advantage from an economic standpoint, because it allows us to expand and offer our product at competitive prices.

Glenn ToscoPresident, Barrdega Sistemas

Business challenges

Barrdega Sistemas operates in the supply chain and logistics market, providing high-tech solutions for warehouse management and product handling. The company also specializes in deploying equipment and applications that automate the processes of receiving and dispatching goods, taking inventories, checking and marking prices, and streamlining queues and points of sale.

With its diverse service portfolio, Barrdega wanted to gain a more holistic perspective of the business to support better decision-making. The company also wanted to bring accountability to management processes and reduce data complexity.

Why Barrdega Sistemas chose Oracle

After reviewing cloud service providers, Barrdega selected Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) because it was the most cost-effective offering and could easily provide the necessary stability to its star product, P4 Warehouse. Barrdega also appreciated OCI’s architecture based on geo-redundant containers to reduce network latency.


Following the migration to OCI, Barrdega saw a significant increase in customer satisfaction and reduced infrastructure costs. With lower operating costs, the company was able to make price adjustment to its products and be more competitive in the market.

With OCI, Barrdega was able to manage 8,000 shipment orders per day during peak season, while operating 24/7. Moreover, Barrdega’s P4 Warehouse solution to control and manage warehouses and inventories can now be consistently updated, thanks to OCI.

The agile deployment process allowed Barrdega to migrate all its on-premises hardware to the cloud in one day, with a downtime of just a couple of hours, which was a milestone for the company. Now Barrdega is looking to expand its portfolio of solutions for managing a wide range of logistics and supply chain scenarios.

Published:May 11, 2023

About the customer

Located in Panama, Barrdega designs and develops easy-to-use software to resolve complex business problems and increase the profitability of its customers. With 29 years of logistics experience, the company also offers full consulting and implementation services for inventory management systems and process design.