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Oracle Customer Success—Batesville


Batesville Improves Sales Effectiveness and Efficiency by Moving Sales Processes to the Cloud


Oracle Sales Cloud enables us to do more with less by improving our sales effectiveness and efficiency and allowing our sales representatives to work while in the field. Moving to the cloud has helped us provide the responsive customer service for which we are known.

— Diana Kinker, Director, SMART Program, Batesville

The Batesville name represents a century-old tradition of quality and service through innovative solutions to support funeral homes as they help families find meaningful ways to pay tribute to their loved ones.
Batesville is the leader in the North American death care industry, offering a comprehensive portfolio of burial solutions, cremation options, memorial solutions, and technology solutions. For more than 125 years, Batesville’s manufacturing excellence, product innovation, superior customer service, and reliable delivery helped it become, and remain, a market leader.
Batesville, with more than 150 sales professionals, looked to support its sales transformation efforts with consistent processes, measurable metrics, and the ability to complete tasks—such as entering sales meeting notes remotely via mobile—to improve effectiveness and efficiency during off-site customer visits. Additionally, the company wanted to implement a comprehensive analytics and reporting solution to provide a holistic view of sales and customer trends.
Batesville’s distributed sales team previously worked from a custom-built Lotus Notes application that lacked a consistent way to manage and track overall sales performance by account and product type. The company’s CRM team—SMART—which stands for Sales and Marketing Analytic Resource Tool Kit, looked to the cloud for a solution that sustained business growth and helped increase market penetration. As such, the SMART team selected and deployed Oracle Sales Cloud as its CRM platform to drive its sales transformation effort; simplify and standardize selling processes; and gain in-depth insights into accounts, customer contacts, and sales activities. With Oracle Sales Cloud, Batesville will avoid US$1.38 million each year in additional IT costs to deliver similar capabilities.
  • Boosting Sales Representative Productivity
    At the forefront of Batesville’s SMART team’s sales transformation goals was boosting productivity, ensuring a consistent process to drive revenue and growth, and freeing sales representatives’ time to focus on selling as opposed to administrative tasks.
    As part of this goal, Batesville looked to capture customer and sales activity information in an easy-to-use, mobile solution that representatives would find useful. Previously, representatives could not access customer and sales activity information in the field and would need to spend several hours following customer visits providing requested materials and updating pertinent information in the system. With Oracle Sales Cloud, sales representatives can satisfy customer requests immediately and enter information directly in their iPads in real time, regardless of their location—freeing up time to focus on sales, while increasing visibility into sales representatives’ performance and sales trends in different markets. This enables Batesville to ensure information accuracy and effectively draw insights that support decision making and planning. 
  • Unified Platform for Unified Processes
    Like many large organizations with widespread sales teams, Batesville needed to ensure that it had an integrated tool that centralized all data and processes in one application. Oracle Sales Cloud enabled the organization to create a “one-stop shop” where sales and marketing teams could go for all information—from contacts to updated sales reports. The integrated tool also ensured that Batesville had a standard sales process across its sales teams nationwide—enabling the company to measure sales trends and goals uniformly across the organization.
    Batesville also easily integrated Oracle Sales Cloud with its Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne applications to provide managers with greater visibility into sales trends and the associated product mix.
  • Analytics as a Backbone
    “We look at analytics not just as a resource to generate week- or month-end reports, but as a tool that supports our structured sales process, helps identify the status of each sale, and streamlines management meetings as well as monthly or weekly performance reviews,” said Diana Kinker, Director, SMART program, Batesville.
    The analytics tool implemented as part of Oracle Sales Cloud has been a backbone of Batesville’s sales process and overall sales transformation. The analytics application enables sales managers and representatives to log information—such as call length, marketing tools utilized, and customer visit results—for senior executives to review, at a high level, what the sales team accomplished in the past week and plan for future weeks.
    Now, the entire sales organization—including executives and representatives—relies on the same sales cloud system as a single source of truth to measure efficiency and effectiveness. The system enables teams to examine business metrics such as those for “best” customers and prospects on a high level or, to drill down into detail to understand what drives the trends.
  • Expansion with Quota and Sales Incentive Compensation
    Batesville’s quota process was very spreadsheet-based, requiring the sales organization and sales finance teams to exchange reconciliation and balancing information manually. By implementing Oracle Sales Cloud quota management and sales incentive compensation tools, the organization reduced the administrative effort involved in the quota process from two months to two days, enabling increased flexibility and accuracy. The ability to have the monthly plan expectations easily accessible to sales reps helps them understand how their current performance will need to change in coming months to hit specific sales goals. And, the earnings calculator is a predictive tool that gives sales reps a clear understanding of how future results will impact their bonuses and provides effective scenario modeling (i.e. if I achieve x results by x date, I will get $x in return). This tool has proven to be very insightful and motivational for the sales organization.
    As for the future roadmap, Batesville wants to fully leverage its current solutions before continuing to revamp its sales and marketing processes. “We are looking forward to fully implementing Oracle Eloqua Marketing Cloud Service and Oracle Social Network to further improve our direct e-mail process,” Kinker said.

Batesville Sales Transform with Oracle Sales Cloud

Business Challenge
  • Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the leading North American death care industry sales and marketing teams through a cloud-based CRM solution
  • Boost sales representative productivity and response times to clients through mobile initiatives
  • Create consistent processes and measurable metrics for sales representatives and executives to use in current and future sales plans and to create visibility into sales representative performance—in one comprehensive application
  • Automate timely, paper-based processes—such as call management data spreadsheet development and standardized selling processes—to increase market penetration, improve sales representative forecasting, and gain better insight into accounts, customer contacts, and sales activities
  • Improve communication and collaboration across nationwide sales teams
  • Replaced one application with Oracle Sales Cloud for our inside sales team and implemented the base CRM platform for the entire sales organization, avoiding an additional investment of US$1.38 million
  • Increased death care sales representative productivity and accuracy through mobile access for data input—enabling sales representatives to focus on customer needs and selling to funeral homes, as opposed to administrative tasks following sales meetings
  • Created sales representative efficiencies with ability to enter sales meeting and call information from the field via mobile access to cloud applications rather than after business hours, following customer meetings
  • Integrated Oracle Sales Cloud with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne to house all data and processes for the entire sales organization and marketing team to easily access—providing greater visibility into sales trends while improving the ability to plan for sales goals
  • Utilized analytics to support a structured sales process, identify sales opportunities, and streamline management meetings and performance reviews
  • Improved visibility into sales representative performance through mobile access to customer and sales activity information—creating an in-depth view into death care sales trends in different markets nationwide
  • Enabled quick access to real-time information—such as customer contacts and sales activities—for all members of the sales organization
  • Enabled customer sales teams across the nation to communicate and collaborate

Why They Chose Oracle

Batesville sought a modern CRM application that could drive greater sales and marketing efficiency. It included its IT, sales, and marketing teams in the selection process. Batesville looked to cloud solutions due to their lower cost of ownership, minimal need for in-house technical support, and the ability to take capabilities beyond on premise. After evaluating a number of applications, including, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and Oracle, Batesville chose Oracle Sales Cloud due to the capabilities like territory management and reporting, integration with Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, and price competitiveness.

Oracle Sales Cloud provided us the vehicle for a successful sales transformation. It enables us to do more with less, immediately access information to improve sales processes and forecasting, and provide our sales representatives with mobile access to their applications—improving effectiveness, efficiency, and accuracy of customer meetings and notes.

— Diana Kinker, Director, SMART Program, Batesville


Batesville began working with Oracle through its Insight Program. The Insight Program team helped Batesville’s staff understand how Oracle Sales Cloud could support sales force automation. Instead of exposing all capabilities to its users at once, the Batesville team took a “crawl, walk, run” approach to the implementation, first rolling out the mobile application and then expanding to web applications and enhanced web capabilities.
Batesville worked with Oracle Consulting for the base configuration of its CRM tool. The organization integrated Oracle Sales Cloud with its JD Edwards EnterpriseOne applications to present order history to sales representatives, take advantage of predictive analytics, and understand buying patterns and trends.

About Batesville


Batesville, Indiana, United States


Oracle Consulting Services configured the initial base Sales force automation configuration and Oracle Specialized Partner Accelas Solutions created the JD Ewards EnterpriseOne integration tool. Accelas Solutions was re-engaged for phase two to complete their territory management, sales incentive compensation, and quota module implementations. Sales incentive compensation is used to maximize sales performance with the ability to calculate and forecast variable bonus awards based on particular results and in a specified time frame.
“We looked for specific talent within the areas of our implementation—first working with Oracle Consulting for the base configuration and then Accelas. We had a prior relationship with Accelas for our JD Edwards EnterpriseOne integration and we were very pleased with its work,” said Kinker.

Oracle Solutions Used

Published:  May 22, 2015