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Bharti Airtel Ltd.

Oracle Customer Success

Bharti Airtel enhances business agility with Oracle


Bharti Airtel drives digital enablement and increases business agility with Oracle.

Bharti Airtel is an Indian communication and ICT service provider. It operates 4 key lines of business (LOB), including mobile, telemedia, B2B, and digital TV, to customers across 20 countries. Its mission is to become the most admired telecommunication company and contribute to the country’s economic resurgence.

Before Oracle, Bharti Airtel used legacy point-to-point integration technology, but it was very rigid and non-reusable. Each LOB created its own services and integrations, causing a lot of complexity and data duplication. Bharti Airtel wanted to adopt a common services platform across the enterprise to deliver single view of customer data, improve time to market, and reduce cost.

Business challenges

  • Increase business agility by building a new service-oriented architecture to centralize the integration of over 500 services and 650 operations across multiple LOBs, such as broadband and digital TV, and quickly uptake new telecom industry standards
  • Enhance governance control and reduce costs by gaining ability to reuse the services and backend applications and avoiding duplicates of integration between divisions   
  • Improve the reliability, scalability, and maintainability of enterprise applications, such as CRM and mobile billing system, by providing enterprise-wide monitoring capabilities and making it easy to plug in new applications as business grows

Implementing Enterprise Service Bus on Oracle Middleware helped us build a scalable and robust integration platform with over 500 services driving the digital enablement of the enterprise applications. With a key focus on governance and industry standards, we reduced integration complexity and enabled reuse, thereby improving time-to-market and ROI.

Ankit Goel

Enterprise SOA Architect, Bharti Airtel Ltd.

Why Bharti Airtel Ltd. Chose Oracle

"We chose Oracle because of its proven technology and abundance of credentials available globally. Oracle WebLogic Server’s reliable and highly available enterprise deployment architecture was also a good fit to meet our business needs."

—Ankit Goel, Enterprise SOA Architect, Bharti Airtel Ltd.


  • With support from Oracle, Bharti Airtel adopted Oracle Service Bus and Oracle WebLogic Server to establish a standard service-oriented architecture for all LOBs. It migrated the legacy interfaces to Oracle and went live smoothly with the new platform. Bharti Airtel is currently working to replace the entire integration technology with Oracle.
  • Extended the existing investment and cut total cost of ownership by using Oracle Service Bus to connect heterogeneous applications and reduce integration complexity, enabling the telecom provider to reuse services across the enterprise and support new business requirements
  • Improved time-to-market by rapidly integrating services and backend applications with a common data model
  • Improved business agility by enabling easy integration between applications, such as CRM and billing system, and complying swiftly with eTOM Information Framework
  • Supported future growth by ensuring high availability and scalability of the digital platform with Oracle WebLogic Server and allowing the business to quickly process over 50 million transactions daily without interruption–such transactions include mobile billings
  • Lowered operation costs by leveraging Oracle Enterprise Manager and Oracle WebLogic Server to provide complete lifecycle management support for applications across LOBs and simplify maintenance work
  • Strengthened security and governance control by using Oracle Service Bus’ built-in monitoring capabilities, such as dashboard and service-level agreement alerts, to enable secure access to enterprise services and applications based on predefined policies