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Bilbao Turismo Launches Fully Scalable Website in Four Languages with 11,000 Heterogeneous Text, Graphic, and Audiovisual Elements


Oracle WebCenter Sites enabled us to create a visually powerful, fully scalable website available in four languages and make it adaptable to all devices. Other alternatives limited our capabilities, rather than responding to our needs.

— Mercedes Rodriguez, Director, Bilbao Turismo

The traditionally industrial city of Bilbao, in northern Spain, has shifted its strategy of the past two decades to focus on tourism as a key revenue source. Consequently, the tourism sector has become a central part of the city’s growth and job-creation strategies. Today, Bilbao Turismo is charged with promoting tourism to the city and the region, providing year-round service to customers in four different languages: Castilian, Basque, English, and French.
  • Create a website designed by nontechnical marketing staff to showcase the city’s and region’s tourist attractions, entice potential visitors, and encourage local businesses to join and promote their services and products
  • Create a website that potential visitors, businesses, media, and tourism professionals can access via any device and that can support multiple languages
  • Incorporate text, graphics, and audiovisual elements from heterogeneous sources, such as businesses and cultural establishments, into the website to improve the user experience
  • Created, in just five months, a visually powerful website with Oracle WebCenter Sites, integrating more than 11,000 elements in four languages to showcase the city and surrounding region’s tourist attractions, hotels, 700 restaurants, and 4,000 shops
  • Achieved full scalability allowing for future growth in content, pages, and languages to provide up-to-date, personalized information for potential visitors, businesses, the media, and tourism professionals
  • Saved time and resources by allowing the internal marketing team to add, change, and delete content in near real time regarding tourist attractions, hotels, restaurants, and shops, rather than delegating these tasks to the IT staff and external providers
  • Adapted the website with a design that is responsive to all programs; operating systems; and devices, especially smartphones, to offer users full mobility and access to localized information when they are traveling to or within the city
  • Incorporated text, graphics, and audiovisual content from diverse sources, including collaborating entities, such as cultural centers, hotels, restaurants, and shops
  • Created demand from outside organizations to appear on the website by making it an indispensable promotional tool for the city’s establishments
  • Provided a user-friendly, memorable experience that engages site visitors by implementing an intuitive design produced by the marketing and tourist-information teams

Why Oracle

By allowing nontechnical personnel to create, modify, and remove content without reliance on the IT department or external provider, Oracle WebCenter Sites met Bilbao Turismo’s visual and technical requirements, rather than limiting them. Moreover, this solution saved time and resources.

We needed to create a significant and memorable experience to convince visitors to come to our city. We wanted to rely on our marketing and tourist-information teams to create an engaging design and communicate a powerful story. Oracle WebCenter Sites allowed our designers to create colors and designs without technical limitations.

— Mercedes Rodriguez, Director, Bilbao Turismo

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Published:  Sep 04, 2014