Bild gains agility in construction operations with Oracle Primavera Cloud

The construction company uses mobile capabilities in Oracle Primavera Cloud to improve data collection efficiency by 30%.


Oracle Primavera Cloud provides visibility into all stages of the company’s workflow, from municipal approvals to delivery of a new development, in a single place.

Guilherme Gasparin dos SantosPlanning and Control Coordinator, Bild

Business challenges

Bild is a Brazilian construction company and real estate developer. It has delivered 36 projects so far, with another 34 under way in 12 cities spread across the states of São Paulo and Minas Gerais.

In 2020, facing a considerable increase in the number of active construction sites, Bild needed to adopt a modern project management tool to centralize all its projects. The company also wanted to facilitate real-time access to information, streamline communication processes within the company, and optimize team coordination. The construction firm also wanted to improve workflows and enable mobile functionality for staff. Its supervisors had to maintain Excel spreadsheets for project updates and all scheduling had to be done from the office computer, which led to inefficiencies and wasted time. And with a high volume of projects ongoing,  data consolidation using manual process took a long time and directly impacted strategic decision-making.

Oracle Primavera Cloud provides visibility into all the stages of the company’s workflow in a logical sequence.

Why Bild chose Oracle

After reviewing options from service providers, Bild selected Oracle Primavera Cloud because it could provide visibility into all the stages of the company’s workflow. Cloud-based and with 24/7 availability, Oracle Primavera Cloud can be accessed and updated virtually anywhere. Bild recognized that it could automatically upload checklists for all construction sites and make them accessible in real time to everyone involved in the project.

Mobile capabilities were also a key factor in choosing Oracle Primavera Cloud because Bild has several operational processes that require engineers to visit the construction sites and monitor progress. With Oracle Primavera Cloud, employees could update projects using their smartphones.

With Oracle Primavera Cloud's mobile capabilities, data collection at Bild’s construction sites was completed 30% more efficiently by the field teams.


After adopting Oracle Primavera Cloud, Bild’s field teams at construction sites outlined a new scenario without changing the current project schedule. This enabled supervisors to easily create new execution plans if needed. Supervisors also could update schedules directly in the system in real time, which generated important gains in agility.

The complete site visualization enabled by Oracle Primavera Cloud was a notable improvement. Before, team members kept their own Excel spreadsheets, which barely communicated with each other. Today, everyone easily views updated schedules and accesses data from anywhere in real time. In addition, data collection at construction sites was completed 30% more efficiently by Bild’s field teams, compared to the company’s previous solution.

Moreover, because the team located at the company's headquarters no longer gathers information from various Excel spreadsheets, Bild recorded a 50% reduction in time for data consolidation. Overall, engineering and construction processes became much more efficient. Today, Bild’s executives and supervisors make informed decisions more quickly than ever.

Published:March 1, 2023

About the customer

Founded in 2007 in the city of Ribeirão Preto, Brazil, Bild is a construction company operating in 14 cities in the states of São Paulo and Minas Gerais. The company quickly adapts to market trends, designing homes, unique landscaping projects, and leisure areas in modern, safe, and well-located developments.