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BLK Global Logistics

Oracle Customer Success

BLK expands global logistics business using Oracle Cloud


Using Oracle Cloud ERP and SCM, the Mexican logistics company sees tenfold increase in billing capacity while it also expands its global footprint.

Business challenges

BLK Global Logistics is a Mexico-based company that provides logistics services. It brings the expertise needed to coordinate supply chain operations for global companies. BLK orchestrates transport activities—on land, air, sea, or rail—in order to prevent interruptions and save money and time for its clients.

The company has been operating for 25 years. Its goal is to stay relevant in “the fourth industrial revolution,” in which automation and smart technologies drive more of the activity in manufacturing and transportation. To achieve that, BLK needed a cloud solution provider that would support plans for the company’s dramatic growth while providing security for its data.

Today we have the capacity to manage thousands of carriers. That capacity was just unimaginable without a tool like Oracle’s.

Miguel Gutiérrez

Chairman and CEO, BLK Global Logistics

Why BLK Chose Oracle

BLK Global Logistics chose Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP and Oracle Supply Chain Management and Manufacturing for their capabilities and also for the security and cloud-based architecture that would support the company’s  business modernization.

“In our industry, Oracle is clearly recognized as the worldwide leader by consultants and analysts, but more important to us was our clients’ opinions,” says Miguel Gutiérrez, chairman and CEO of BLK. “Our own clients talk about Oracle as the aspirational solution because many of them are still on that transformation journey.”


With Oracle Cloud ERP, BLK saw a tenfold increase in its billing capacity by streamlining processes and managing large amounts of documents more accurately.

Oracle Cloud ERP and SCM have enabled BLK Global Logistics to redesign the organization, giving employees easier access to insights that help them contribute to the business.

Speed of innovation is another benefit that BLK now enjoys. Oracle Cloud helped the company accelerate internal processes so it can conduct trials and pilots with much faster results. BLK Global Logistics can now identify which pilots produce good results and can more quickly replicate them to all customers.

In addition, Oracle Cloud SCM makes it easier for the company to handle increasingly complex scenarios. Today BLK can handle customers that have three or four different types of supply chains. It can also manage hundreds of documents in a reliable and agile manner—something that was unthinkable before implementing digital processes.

Integration among Oracle's cloud applications is also bringing benefits to the company. Using Oracle Cloud ERP’s artificial intelligence capabilities, the company can collect data from different solutions, merge that data, and perform in-depth analysis, including discovering cost-saving opportunities.

Adopting Oracle Cloud ERP has given us tremendous speed and the capacity to manage much larger volumes with more precision.

Miguel Gutiérrez

Chairman and CEO, BLK Global Logistics

Published: March 16, 2021