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Bohemia Energy entity s.r.o.

Oracle Customer Success

Bohemia Energy boosts productivity with Oracle Database Appliance


Bohemia Energy increases productivity and customer satisfaction by implementing Oracle Engineered Systems.

Bohemia Energy Entity s.r.o. is a supplier of electricity and natural gas to the Czech market, and through its subsidiary, also to Slovakia, providing energy to households and small- and medium-sized businesses. The company offers several packages tailored to the needs of its clients and the size of their energy consumption.

The company’s legacy hardware was putting considerable strain on business productivity, as overnight backups and batch jobs could not be completed in time for the start of the working day, which resulted in slow application performance. Bohemia Energy needed to boost processing power, ensure that all applications run optimally, and provide employees with rapid access to updated information.

Business challenges

Improve customer service by ensuring that all staff have access to accurate, updated information—for example, ensure accuracy of whether customer energy bill payments have been processed

Meet the demands of a growing gas and electricity customer base by increasing computing power and storage capacity and introducing hardware that supports parallel processing

Increase the productivity of frontline and back-office employees by reducing the negative impact on application performance caused by overnight backups and parallel batch jobs, which previously had significant drawback on daily processing

Enable smoother and faster backups, batch jobs, and patching by simplifying the hardware and database infrastructure supporting hundreds of business users

Oracle Database Appliance gave us the power we needed to ensure maximum business efficiency for our energy customers. We shortened backup time by 50% and can now run several batch jobs daily, ensuring employees always have accurate information at their fingertips.

Radek Iltis

Linux and Network Administrator, Bohemia Energy Entity s.r.o


  • Enhanced productivity, customer satisfaction, and business agility by implementing Oracle Database Appliance to boost the performance of third party customer relationship management, finance, and billing platforms
  • Improved financial governance and customer service with the ability to deliver accurate information faster across the business—for example, by running batch jobs such as payment transaction updates and debt collection positions for hundreds of thousands of energy customers several times per day instead of once
  • Eliminated disruption to business operations caused by overly long backups and other nightly batch jobs—which previously ran into the next working day and negatively affected application performance for frontline customer service, finance, and other employees
  • Improved application speed for hundreds of employees by boosting database performance, enabling back-office and customer-facing employees to provide a faster service to thousands of gas and electricity consumers
  • Shortened full backup time by 50% and import time via data pump by 20% with the powerful engine of Oracle Database Appliance and streamlined backup process using Oracle Recovery Manager
  • Empowered Bohemia Energy to conduct a full backup just once per week and 30-minute incremental backups when needed—previously, full backups were conducted daily, which took more than 8 hours and encroached on other batch jobs and business operations
  • Provided the business with enough storage capacity and processing power to ensure smooth-running operations to meet the needs of current and future gas and electricity customers
  • Enabled Bohemia Energy to rapidly and easily install security patches and upgrades thanks to the all-in-one image of Oracle Database Appliance—previous patching was extremely troublesome due to the disparity between servers used for testing and production


Bohemia Energy engaged Oracle Silver Partner, Extend IT, for deployment of its Oracle Database Appliance. Extend IT assisted with the initial testing and installation and refined the settings before the final deployment into production.

“We selected Extend IT because we have a positive, long-term relationship with this partner over several previous Oracle implementations. Its consultants are highly proficient both in Oracle products and in consulting services,” Radek Iltis said.

We selected Oracle Database Appliance because it is a fully engineered system with hardware and software cooperating as a single solution-in-a-box. This provides us with consistency and reduced complexity at a very competitive price, enabling us to focus on our core energy business and our customers.

Radek Iltis

Linux and Network Administrator, Bohemia Energy Entity s.r.o

Published: March 27, 2018