Caja Los Andes boosts digital transformation on Oracle Cloud

Chile’s leading provider of social security benefits taps Oracle Exadata Cloud at Customer to speed financial processing and improve customer service.


Moving our financial activities to Oracle Exadata Cloud at Customer was crucial to achieve the customer experience we wanted to offer our members.

Nelson RojasCEO, Caja Los Andes

Business challenges

Caja Los Andes, founded in 1953, is the largest of Chile’s five Family Allowance Compensation funds (CCAF), which administer social security benefits to the country’s companies, workers, and pensioners. Caja Los Andes also offers its 4 million members banking and insurance services. It wanted to accelerate financial processing to reduce long client wait times of 30 minutes or more at its 144 branch offices, as well as alleviate service-related stress for its 3,600 employees.

Why Caja Los Andes Chose Oracle

Having implemented Oracle’s Siebel customer management system and Oracle FLEXCUBE Universal Banking years ago, Caja Los Andes considers Oracle a strategic partner. It naturally turned to Oracle for the “second relevant step” in its digital transformation—moving its financial processing to a cloud infrastructure, specifically, Oracle Exadata Cloud at Customer. “We chose Oracle for this project because we always work with the best,” says General Manager Nelson Rojas.


Caja Los Andes deployed Oracle Exadata Cloud at Customer—which combines Oracle’s powerful database platform with the simplicity and elasticity of a cloud deployment—in about eight months. It was “an execution of excellence,” says CIO Alejandra Quijada.

Oracle Cloud experts manage the environment in Caja Los Andes’s own data center to help meet data security requirements. The banking system is now 100% stable, and processing time has been cut in half. Oracle Exadata Cloud at Customer’s flexibility, scalability, and monitoring capabilities helped cut administrative overhead, letting IT staff “focus on improving business, not on operating infrastructure,” Quijada says.

With faster processing and improved network connectivity from the converged database solution, customer service time has been lowered to an average of 6 minutes, resulting in a client satisfaction rate of 95%, compared with less than 70% before the upgrade. The productivity and efficiency gains have led to a better quality of life for both Caja Los Andes’s employees and its members.

Published:May 7, 2021