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Oracle Customer Success—Camaïeu S.A.

Camaïeu S.A.

Camaïeu Delivers Visibility into Global Store Margins Using Financial Reporting Cloud Platform


Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service enables us to focus on our retail core business and empower financial analysts and controllers to improve our decision making by acting on the future rather than struggling to analyze the past.

— Bertrand David, CFO, Camaïeu S.A.

Camaïeu S.A., Camaïeu for short, designs women’s apparel—from skirts, coats, and jackets to blouses, cardigans, trousers, and accessories—and distributes products through a network of more than 1,000 stores in 18 countries. Established in 1984, the company is today an essential brand of women’s prêt-à-porter (ready-to-wear) at international level. Over 100 new products arrive every week in Camaïeu’s 650 stores in France, 250 stores in Europe, and 100 franchised stores in North Africa and the Middle East.
Competitive prices, an extensive network of small convenience stores close to customers, and consensual, trans-generational, and non-discriminating apparel characterize Camaïeu’s vision. The brand targets customers between 20 and 50 years of age, while most competitors position themselves in a much smaller age range. Last year, Camaïeu sold 70 million products to 37 million customers.
Business Challenge
  • Monitor the financial results for each store to ensure competitiveness in the prêt-à-porter marketplace by delivering timely financial information—such as costs, revenue, profit, and loss—for more than 1,000 stores in 18 countries
  • Increase security of financial information by centralizing data management on a single software platform, and ensure full traceability for internal and external auditing
  • Transform laborious spreadsheet-based financial reporting—where business analysts spent the majority of their time manually assembling and presenting financial data from worldwide prêt-à-porter stores—into leading-edge, value-added financial analytics on an integrated platform
  • Deploy a robust and flexible financial reporting solution that can be implemented rapidly with minimal internal efforts, used across countries and currencies, and expanded seamlessly to include forecasting and budgeting
  • Meet shareholder expectations of highly accurate, granular, richly presented, and timely financial reporting across domestic and international operations
  • Introduced financial reporting for 750 stores by deploying Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service in France, Poland, and Italy, ensuring fast and easy access to financial information in any granular and aggregate format—such as per item, store, or country—helping Camaïeu increase international competitiveness in prêt-à-porter retail
  • Delivered visibility into individual store margins by making store-specific profit and loss data available within 10 days of financial period closing, empowering business analysts and controllers to closely monitor costs and revenue per store, and enhancing decision-making—such as adjusting costs in unprofitable stores or expanding profitable stores
  • Centralized financial information from 750 stores on an integrated development and deployment platform, increasing the security and reliability of financial data while guaranteeing end-to-end traceability and significantly facilitating financial audits
  • Saved Camaïeu’s business analysts and controllers up to four days per month each, enabling them to spend more time on value-added financial analysis without IT involvement—such as simulating the effects of fluctuating exchange rates between euros and rubles on the company’s financial results, or monitoring the progression of store space
  • Selected a cloud solution over an on-premises deployment to overcome scarcity of IT resources, avoid capital expenditure and reduce total cost of ownership, and ensure speed and simplicity of deployment—generating the first reports and financial statements less than four months after initiating deployment
  • Increased shareholder confidence in company financial data by delivering accurate, highly formatted financial statements within 15 days of month-end—about 10 days faster than before—and gaining the ability to respond immediately to shareholder questions
  • Anticipated faster budgetary planning and monthly profit and loss forecasting per store by the end of the current fiscal year, as well as rollout of Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service across all 18 European, North African, and Middle Eastern countries

Why They Chose Oracle

Camaïeu selected Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service because it considered Oracle Hyperion the benchmark for financial reporting systems, and it had no doubt that the cloud version would transform manual collection and analysis of financial information into leading-edge business analytics. Camaïeu conducted a full tender, but competing solutions were unable to match Oracle’s cloud scope of functions and price performance.
A second selection criterion was forecasting and budgeting capability, as Camaïeu foresees implementing predictive planning and rolling forecasts for each individual store. 

I was sure that the functional scope of Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service would be virtually unlimited, because it is the industry reference and has been deployed in thousands of companies, both on premises and in the cloud. Relying on a proven and leading platform gives a lot of comfort. An additional factor giving us full confidence in the success of the project was the availability of a SaaS-certified Oracle implementation partner with excellent retail experience, located within one hour of Camaïeu’s Roubaix headquarters—a clear advantage compared to competitors’ offers.

— Bertrand David, CFO, Camaïeu S.A.


The implementation followed the appointment of Bertrand David as Camaïeu’s new Chief Financial Officer. “Our analysts had a heavy workload and could devote little time to the project. Our financial reporting was poorly structured and accounting plans highly complex, affecting the quality of the upstream systems. To remedy this we hired an external project manager to ensure the project’s success,” said Bertrand David, Chief Financial Officer, Camaïeu S.A.

About Camaïeu S.A.


Roubaix, France



Annual Revenue

$500 Million to $1 Billion


Camaïeu selected Oracle Partner Klee Performance for its retail expertise. Klee Performance analyzed the company’s business environment, conducted the deployment according to retail best practices, and fully integrated Oracle’s cloud solution with Camaïeu’s network.
“I really appreciated the presence and availability of Klee consultants, who were our main contact throughout the project and who provided excellent technical support. To deploy a solution of this scope in less than four months is extremely fast and demonstrates Klee’s efficiency,” said Bertrand David, Chief Financial Officer, Camaïeu S.A.
Published:  Feb 04, 2016