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Oracle Customer Success — CARROT Global Inc.

CARROT Global Inc.

CARROT Global Recruits and Manages Talents with Oracle HCM Cloud


By consolidating HR data across domestic and overseas branches on Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud, we increased recruitment efficiency and improved new hire quality. The integrated platform also expanded our talent pool, enabling us to quickly identify the most qualified talents and enhance competitive edge.

— Jinny Noh, Manager, Business Planning Department, CARROT Global Inc.

CARROT Global Improves Recruitment Efficiency Across Domestic and Overseas Branches, Enhances Talent Quality, and Supports Growth with Oracle 

CARROT Global is a leading learning solutions provider. It delivers a wide range of professional training and development programs and consulting services to 600 renowned global enterprises, such as GM, Hyundai, LG, and Samsung, via its branches in Korea and overseas—including Canada, China, the Philippines, and the United States. Its goal is to enable customers to achieve success through enhancement of corporate and personal competence.
To support expansion into new markets, such as Vietnam and the Middle East, CARROT Global needed an integrated global HR system to manage employee data, improve recruitment process efficiency across domestic and overseas branches, and increase competitive edge.

James Roh Carrot Global CEO Speaks on Taleo

  • Use a single global human capital management (HCM) system to manage data for existing employees, such as executives and teachers, across its Korean and overseas branches, and recruit top talents in the education market more efficiently
  • Improve data quality throughout the entire recruitment cycle and enable HR team members to quickly produce accurate analytic reports, such as time to hire 
  • Enhance brand image and increase competitive edge by attracting the most qualified talents, such as language instructors, and expanding the talent pool via multiple sourcing channels
  • Supported global growth by gaining a unified view of employee data across all branches with Oracle HCM Cloud and improving efficiency in identifying and recruiting the right talents, such as instructors for corporate training programs
  • Improved the quality of new hires by standardizing application templates and filtering out unqualified candidates by 40% rather than just 10%
  • Expanded talent pool and enhanced competitive edge in the education market by tapping into various talent sourcing channels—including external recruitment portal, career site, and social platforms, such as Linkedin—to rapidly create job postings and distribute to job sites across the world
  • Increased HR team productivity and enabled efficient use of resources by automating recruitment processes, such as application verification, email confirmation, and interview scheduling with Oracle HCM Cloud
  • Gained timely insight into hiring status, such as number of applications for each position per month, and enabled HR team to make faster decisions by using Oracle HCM Cloud’s powerful analytic tools, including business intelligence reports and dashboard, to quickly create quality HR reports and analyze recruitment data  
  • Increased business flexibility by using a single HCM platform to easily capture and store data across all stages of recruitment—from first application to final interview—and manage employee turnover and realignment 


Oracle HCM Cloud offered higher performance, reliability, and lower cost than other vendors. Moreover, Oracle’s reputation in the global market also helped to enhance our brand image and support international expansion.

— Jinny Noh, Manager, Business Planning Department, CARROT Global Inc.


CARROT Global engaged Oracle Partner, Peoplewide to assist in Oracle HCM Cloud implementation. It customized data access control and formats for the recruitment system to align with the needs of domestic and overseas branches. CARROT Global went live with the new global HR system in just two months.

About CARROT Global Inc.


Seoul, Korea



Annual Revenue

US$15 million
Established in 2000, CARROT Global is a dynamic human resource development (HRD) provider that delivers education training, consulting, and information services to global enterprises. Its technology-assisted learning services include a range of mobile, online and offline solutions for English language acquisition, cultural learning, global skills, and technology training.


CARROT Global worked with Peoplewide to define the business requirements for its global HR system and provide technical support throughout the implementation.
“Using Peoplewide’s experience and expertise in global consulting and HR services deployment, we built a flexible Oracle HCM platform that meets our specific needs and drastically reduced implementation time,” Noh said.

Oracle Solutions Used

Published:  Aug 28, 2017