Guangdong Cheng Jia Technology Co., Ltd.

Oracle Customer Success

Guangdong Cheng Jia Technology supports high annual growth with Oracle


Guangdong Cheng Jia Technology meets the demands of home décor clients, while supporting high annual growth with Oracle Cloud.


Business challenges

Guangdong Cheng Jia Technology (Cheng Jia), is a strategic partner of Country Garden in home decoration, a growing home decoration service vendor. It operates businesses in 35 cities in China. To support the online-to-offline (O2O) business innovation and transformation, Cheng Jia is building an internet-based home décor services platform.

It wanted to achieve higher flexibility and more agile operations, such as providing customized services and responding to customer requests rapidly, to meet the requirements of an O2O business.

The company needed to enhance the collaboration of business functions—such as financials, logistics, and supply chain management—to improve overall project management efficiency.

It also hoped to enable executives to make better and more timely decisions by leveraging real-time reporting and analytics.

Cheng Jia sought deeper insights into the inventory and purchasing of home décor materials to boost competitive advantage.

With Oracle ERP Cloud, Oracle EPM Cloud, and Oracle SCM Cloud, we can support high annual growth and provide a solid foundation by building true online-to-offline, closed loop capabilities for core business functions, including financials, logistics, and supply chain management.

Wu Zixuan

Director, Internet Technology Center, Guangdong Cheng Jia Technology Co., Ltd.

Why Guangdong Cheng Jia Technology chose Oracle

"We chose Oracle solutions over those from other vendors because Oracle ERP Cloud and Oracle EPM Cloud are integrated solutions and have flexible system architecture, which can help Cheng Jia efficiently operate home décor businesses and significantly improve sales performance."
— Wu Zixuan, Director, Internet Technology Center, Guangdong Cheng Jia Technology Co., Ltd.


  • Cheng Jia adopted Oracle EPM Cloud (including Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service), Oracle ERP Cloud (including Oracle Financials Cloud and Oracle Purchasing Cloud), and Oracle SCM Cloud (including Oracle Inventory Management Cloud Service) to build an integrated management platform. With the fast and easy configuration of Oracle Cloud solutions, Cheng Jia completed implementation in just seven months.
  • Met the demands of O2O business and supported high annual growth by deploying Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Cloud, Oracle Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Cloud, and Oracle Supply Chain Management (SCM) Cloud
  • Streamlined all key end-to-end business processes, enabling all employees across 35 cities to securely and easily access a single source of business information—including information on finance, supply chain, procurement, planning, and budgeting
  • Increased business agility with the built-in integration of Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service with Oracle ERP Cloud—automating accounting and business planning while enabling real-time, “what-if” analyses for all décor scenarios
  • Improved operating efficiency and profitability by enabling executives to easily view and track the financial information of specific home décor projects throughout their lifecycle 
  • Ensured material supplies for thousands of decoration projects—using Oracle Inventory Management Cloud Service for instant, granular visibility into material inventory—shortening the home décor process and enhancing customer experience
  • Enhanced strategic decision-making by providing ad-hoc reports and efficient analyses for all projects’ health and risks—including key factors such as project cycle or labor cost 
  • Standardized purchasing with Oracle Purchasing Cloud, thus automating the selection of décor items, gaining a single view of orders, ensuring material quality, and reducing purchase cost