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Oracle Customer Success—Cheonan Nonsan Expressway

Cheonan Nonsan Expressway

Cheonan Nonsan Expressway Increases Road Management Efficiency with Oracle


By collecting and analyzing millions of log data from various locations with Oracle Management Cloud, we can create reports in just seconds and gain real-time operational insight anytime, anywhere. This also increased our efficiency in road management and maintenance.

— Sung Cheol Lee, Sales Management Team Manager, Cheonan Nonsan Expressway

Cheonan Nonsan Expressway Creates Traffic Reports in Seconds Rather Than Hours and Gains Real-Time Road Management Insight with Oracle

Cheonan Nonsan Expressway (CNE) is a public-private partnership company that manages 81 kilometers of highway from Seoul metropolitan areas to Cheonan and Nonsan city in South Korea. It aims to provide a safe and comfortable expressway to over 15 million vehicles per year. 

To ensure rapid response to accidents and maintain infrastructure efficiency, CNE wanted to maximize transaction throughput for the sales and traffic information system to support the analysis of millions of log data and provide real-time road information to drivers.
Business Challenge
  • Generate faster road and traffic condition reports and provide meaningful insight by rapidly analyzing massive volume of log data from the sales and traffic information system 
  • Enable users to easily access log data anytime, anywhere and respond quickly to accidents on highway
  • Improve the efficiency to manage road operation, such as highway traffic status, by gaining ability to rapidly diagnose and troubleshoot system failures
  • Created reports in just seconds rather than hours and provided real-time road management insight by using Oracle Management Cloud’s log analytics to collect, track, and analyze millions of log data from the sales and traffic information system
  • Enhanced system stability and enabled timely response to highway accidents by proactively monitoring the health of the road operation system and detecting potential problems before they impact the business
  • Increased business agility by providing users with the flexibility to access log data, anywhere on mobile devices, and supporting more efficient road and traffic operations
  • Reduced time and resources to resolve system failures by allowing users to search and correlate log data and troubleshoot issues faster with Oracle Management Cloud


Our positive experience with Oracle Database gave us great confidence in Oracle. Oracle Management Cloud also provided the highest compatibility with our existing system and met the business requirements to analyze big data and gain real-time meaningful insight.

— Sung Cheol Lee, Sales Management Team Manager, Cheonan Nonsan Expressway


After analyzing the target of log collection, CNE successfully built a new platform for traffic and information system with Oracle Management Cloud in just two days. It also expanded the log analysis in stages by providing two training workshops for employees to learn how to use Oracle Management Cloud’s dashboard and analyze log data in different ways.

About Cheonan Nonsan Expressway


Gongju, Chungnam, Korea



Annual Revenue

US$200 Million
Established in 2002 based on Korea’s Public-Private Partnerships Infrastructure Act, CNE builds and connects the highway between Seoul, Chungcheong, and Jeolla province. With 80% domestic investors, including institutional investors and pension funds, CNE operates on a profit, Build-Transfer-Operate scheme. It is also the only infrastructure fund listed in the Korean Exchange and the Macquarie Korea Infrastructure Fund.


Youngwoo Digital provided all required technological support for Cheonan Nonsan Expressway to securely operate log data analytics and information system with Oracle Management Cloud, enabling to rapidly diagnose and troubleshoot system failures in expressway sales system and traffic information operational system by fast and accurate real-time log analytics. Youngwoo Digital also helped Cheonas Nonsan Expressway IT managers for efficient and secure system operation by providing continuous information and technological support.

Oracle Solutions Used

Published:  Jan 03, 2018