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Chungho Nais Corp.

Chungho Nais Gains New Insights and Supports Sales Growth with Oracle PaaS


By integrating the analytics of Oracle Big Data Preparation and Oracle Data Visualization Cloud Service into our business activities, our users can access analysis reports anytime, anywhere and gain new insights. This helped to develop strategy that meets customer needs and contribute to sales growth.

— Jong-Chul Lee, IT Team Leader, Chungho Nais Corp

Chungho Nais Simplifies Data Preparation and Analytics Processes, Gains New Business Insights, and Increases Sales Revenue with Oracle

Chungho Nais Corp. is an innovative Korean ‘green’ home appliance company that manufactures, sells, and rents water and air cleaning appliances—including water and air purifiers, bidets, dehumidifiers, and water softeners—to customers across 60 countries. Its goal is to develop unique technology to enable a wellness-focused society free from pollutions, offer pure water, breathe fresh air, and enjoy a desirable clean and healthy life.   
To increase sales and support corporate strategy, Chungho Nais’s growth committee members wanted to gain new business insights and develop new products that meet customer needs, such as a water purifier with a coffee and icemaker.
  • Drive product innovation for healthy living appliances and support sales growth by enabling sales, marketing, and customer service departments to quickly prepare and unlock the potential of large amounts of structured and unstructured business data, such as sales revenue, product specification, and weather patterns 
  • Improve employee productivity by fully automating data preparation and repair processes instead of using monotonous spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations 
  • Enhance the quality of data analytics and minimize risk by enabling business users to rapidly create self-service analysis reports rather than relying on an individual to manually curate data  
  • Enhanced business decisions, such as purifiers pricing strategy, by automatically consolidating and preparing structured and unstructured data from over 6,000 field employees with Oracle Big Data Preparation Cloud Service and empowering users to quickly discover new insights via a powerful Oracle Data Visualization Cloud Service 
  • Increased sales growth by transforming complex unstructured data, including customer age, gender, and residence, into meaningful and engaging visuals, enabling business users to accurately predict demands and develop strategy that aligns with customer needs, such as selling more dehumidifiers in areas with high humidity  
  • Reduced the time to prepare datasets for analysis and increased employee productivity by automating the data preparation and visualization processes instead of using traditional spreadsheets or presentations 
  • Increased business agility and employee satisfaction by allowing sales, marketing, customer service, and call center staff members to easily access Oracle Cloud anytime, anywhere  
  • Raised the quality of analysis reports and gained organizational flexibility by using a standardized Oracle Big Data Preparation Cloud Service to analyze and repair data, such as removing duplicate revenue data, rather than manually to curating data, eliminating the risk of internal staff changes, such as transfer or resignation 


Oracle Big Data Preparation and Data Visualization Cloud Service offered competitive differentiation in data blending technology, visualization tools, and modularization of knowledge. The solutions also enabled access to insights anywhere, anytime, helping to support our sales growth.

— Jong-Chul Lee, IT Team Leader, Chungho Nais Corp


Chungho Nais’ Big Data Task Force team presented and discussed the scenario of pilot project for Oracle Big Data Preparation Cloud Service and Oracle Visualization Cloud Service with our management team. It then went through a validation test before adopting the solutions. Chungho Nais completed the actual implementation in just two weeks. 

About Chungho Nais Corp.


Seoul, Korea



Annual Revenue

US$350 Million
Founded in 1993, Chungho Nais is one of the most reliable brands in Asia that manufactures healthy living home appliances, such as air purifiers and dehumidifiers. With its advanced technology and research and development, Chungho Nais not only produced the world's first purified ice dispensers but also developed hyrbrid products, such as wine cellars and coffee purifiers. It also received certification from various global authorities, such as Watermark, to recognize its high-quality products. 


Azwell Plus, Oracle's Field Delivery Support Service Partner, assisted Chungho Nais to integrate the analytics of Oracle Big Data Preparation Cloud Service and Oracle Data Visualization Cloud Service into the business activities of various departments, including sales, marketing, and customer service. Azwell Plus also provided continuous training and support to Chungho Nais’s users and assisted them to utilize the solutions in other business areas, such as customer voice analysis.
“With Azwell Plus’s experience in the service field and expertise in the overall IT infrastructure, we received the best Oracle solutions and services for our users,” Lee said.
Published:  Aug 28, 2017