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CITIC Press Group Enhances Omni-Channel Experience with Oracle PaaS


By providing a unified content hub with Oracle Content and Experience Cloud, we can easily and securely share digital content with internal and external stakeholders across multiple channels. This helped us drive business innovation and boost customer satisfaction.

— Lu Jun, Deputy Editor-in-Chief, CITIC Press Group Co., Ltd

CITIC Press Group Improves Content Collaboration, Boosts Productivity, and Enhances Customer Loyalty with Oracle

CITIC Press Group Co., Ltd is a publishing organization that holds the licenses for publishing, distribution, and retail from China’s General Administration of Press and Publication. After 20 years of growth, China Press Group not only sells electronic publications but also operates chain bookstores, reader membership services, professional education and training, and value-added cultural services.
The rapidly changing digital media arena presents challenges to the traditional publishing company’s business model. CITIC Press Group needed to adopt an intelligent and intuitive omni-channel content distribution solution to drive innovation in publication and sales.
  • Build a modern, unified content hub across multiple channels to support new business development, such as selling traditional paper books and e-books via the website
  • Drive business innovation by enabling internal and external teams to effectively manage, share, discuss, and deliver content relevant to the publishing and selling of books
  • Increase customer satisfaction by enhancing user experience in browsing, searching, and purchasing books, and in exchanging ideas with other readers
  • Boosted business productivity, such as selling and publishing books, by enabling employees to easily and rapidly share and sync content with internal and external stakeholders via Oracle Content and Experience Cloud’s collaboration platform   
  • Reduced significant cost and complexity to manage digital assets—including internet files, images, videos and audios—by gaining the ability to easily assign different levels of user access rights to content addition, modification, and deletion
  • Strengthened security for digital assets by enhancing control over content uploads, downloads, sharing, and preview, and improving version control, such as expiration dates for multi-media files, including pictures, print ads, video ads, and audio files 
  • Improved business relationships with customers and strategic partners—online book retailers and ecommerce platforms—by leveraging existing content stores to deliver publication information and offer content services, such as creating an introductory web page for each book 
  • Increased customer loyalty by allowing readers, writers, and employees to easily create and distribute content and view comments and discussion anytime via Oracle Content and Experience Cloud's intuitive communication platform
  • Built reliable brand advocates by using Oracle Content and Experience Cloud’s APIs to connect with multiple channels and delivering consistent and superior reading experiences to customers across web, mobile and physical bookstores


Oracle Content and Experience Cloud provides a cloud-based content hub that could drive omni-channel content management and enhances the reading and online shopping experience for our customers.

— Lu Jun, Deputy Editor-in-Chief, CITIC Press Group Co., Ltd


“It only took three months to complete the deployment of Oracle Content and Experience Cloud, enabling us to simplify the construction of a unified content platform and reduce costs,” Lu said.

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Founded in 1988, CITIC Press Group publishes and distributes over 1,000 variety of publications, such as academics and culture, business and economics, lifestyle and trade. It also expanded its business from videos and books into owning chain bookstores across major airports and urban landmarks. CITIC Press Group is now the largest chain brand of airport bookstores in the Asia Pacific region, with the second highest market share in the domestic ecommerce market.

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Published:  Sep 01, 2017