Clarín boosts reader connection via email marketing campaigns with Oracle CX

The Argentine newspaper analyzes its campaigns in real time, making strategy shifts based on reader response.


Oracle CX helps us optimize operational efficiency using the platform’s automation. Now we have the ability to manage a lot of work with a small team without complications.

Lara FerrandoEmail Marketing Analyst, Clarín

Business challenges

The Clarín newspaper is one of Argentina’s most influential and largest media sources. It has 29 million readers nationally and internationally, and 700,000 subscribers. In the last decade, a significant decrease in print edition subscribers created the need to strengthen Clarín’s digital channels to stay relevant. The company needed to change how it presented content to readers—to reach specific audiences with personalized content based on engagement data.

Increasing digital media competition also meant Clarín needed new strategies to get closer to its audience, especially in situations such as the pandemic when access to digital information is critical. To execute these strategies, the company needed new technology to understand and reach its audience.

Why Clarín Chose Oracle

Clarín adopted OCI’s Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse because it offered machine learning that eliminated database maintenance for greater availability. It also helped marketing staff to focus on more strategic analysis of customer data with  Oracle Advertising and Customer Experience (CX). Oracle CX would help the company strengthen its relationship with readers by connecting with specific audiences more accurately and effectively.


Implementing Oracle Advertising and Customer Experience helped Clarín’s efforts to embrace digital media and overcome the geographical limitation of its print edition. It now reaches a global online audience and an increasing number of readers and subscribers.

The Oracle CX platform powered the automation of campaigns and newsletters, significantly improving operational efficiency. The automation and efficiency  helped a team of only three people manage a high campaign volume without the need to add personnel.

Oracle CX’s ability to analyze campaigns and media interactions helped support real-time strategic decision-making, allowing for constant improvement of advertising based on user responses and reactions.

The information provided by the tool also contributed to Clarín reaching targeted segments more accurately, spurring the publication to improve the diversity of content for the different interests of readers and, therefore, increasing relevance and satisfaction for the customer.

Published:January 20, 2024

About the customer

Clarín is one of the most influential and widely circulated media in Argentina. It covers a wide range of news and is recognized for its impact on public opinion in the country.