Clarín news produces personalized content with Oracle Cloud

With Oracle Autonomous Database and Oracle Customer Experience marketing tools, the Argentine newspaper accelerates its customer-centric focus.


The great advantage Oracle Cloud offers us today, with its tools, is something that no other market competitors have.

Santiago ArieuManager, Commercial Development and Brand Studio, Clarín

Business challenges

Clarín is the largest daily newspaper in Argentina, and its digital version, founded in 1995, is one of the most-visited websites in that country.

With 75 years of history, the newspaper is accustomed to being a leader in the Argentine market with its printed version, powerful enough to influence the direction in which the country’s newspaper industry has evolved.

However, a few years ago, the company found itself at a dead end, unable to monetize its digital user base because it lacked the necessary metrics or information to do so. In an industry that has been economically ravaged by the digital paradigm shift, leveraging the digital user base is critical to ensure a newspaper’s survival. But at Clarín, metrics reports were “virtually nil,” says Santiago Arieu, commercial development and brand studio manager. “What’s more, a lot of data was still running on an ad server, so the metrics were simply impressions and clicks.”

To change this model, in addition to implementing the technology to manage its database, Clarín would also have to change the newspaper’s philosophy and build synergy between the newsroom—which is the heart of a newspaper—and the marketing area.

The goal was to change the experience of both users and advertisers, bridging the gap between them to generate revenue.

That meant transforming Clarín’s user metrics to generate data-driven content and creating customized products based on the real interests of users to draw more attention—a real challenge.

Oracle’s BlueKai Digital Management Platform offers you more user insights, giving Clarín a better-selling tool for working with advertisers.

Santiago ArieuManager, Commercial Development and Brand Studio, Clarín

Why Clarín Chose Oracle

Clarín adopted Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse because it offered machine learning that eliminated database maintenance for greater availability and provided deeper insights into customers’ digital behavior.

Relieved of the burden of patching hardware and software, marketing staff were able to focus more strategically on analyzing customer data for new business opportunities. Integrating customer data by using Oracle Advertising and Customer Experience cloud applications allowed Clarín to produce personalized content and sell targeted ads.

“Oracle’s BlueKai Digital Management Platform offers you more user insights, giving Clarín a better selling tool for working with advertisers,” Arieu says. Meanwhile, Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation was the natural step for enhancing email campaigns.


For the first time in the newspaper’s history, revenues from the digital edition were higher than those from the printed edition, thanks to the new system.                                            

Four years ago, says Arieu, 80% of the newspaper’s revenue came from the printed edition and 20% from the digital version, whereas today the digital edition generates 55% of total revenue.

Arieu bridged the historic newsroom and marketing gap, with the newsroom focusing on informative rigor and using big data as a reference for their content. Branded content currently accounts for 30% of digital revenue at the advertising sales level, says Arieu, and for Clarín, this is an enormous business opportunity that had been previously wasted.

By integrating branded content with Oracle Advertising and Customer Experience applications, Clarín manages its target audience and handles all cross-channel marketing mailing operations.

In addition, Clarín achieved a 50% reduction in annual maintenance costs by moving its enterprise big data warehouse that stores customer behavior—such as 20 billion clicks and searches per day on its website—from an on-premises appliance to Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse. The self-managing, self-patching, and self-encrypting database also provided greater availability with zero downtime.

Arieu’s area also is in charge of SEO monetization, an event platform, and international advertising sales for Clarín. “Big data is used not just to obtain insights, but also to enable a retargeting strategy with all users who expressed interest through their content interaction,” Arieu explains.

With a tool such as Oracle BlueKai Digital Management Platform, Clarín can manage the information and sort it by registered users or paywall users and learn their specific interests.

Another outcome, moreover, is that the newspaper has managed to offer its advertisers more, higher-quality leads.

To measure the effectiveness of those leads, the company used information from the same advertisers, with Arieu comparing the results obtained with a specific investment in Clarín to what the advertisers achieved with the same amount invested in Facebook or Google.

Finally, with mailing operations on Oracle B2B Marketing, the newspaper began to monetize big data with large retailers at first, and then with ecommerce companies.

“With sales revenue generated via the new Oracle-based mailing system, we recovered all our technology investment in the first three years,” says Arieu.

Published:May 18, 2021