Clarivate expands virtual training program with Oracle Eloqua

The information and insights provider uses Oracle Eloqua to expand virtual training programs and increase subscriptions of its online information products.

Oracle Eloqua enabled our field marketing teams to leverage our backbone of centralized operational support from subject matter experts, powered by world-leading marketing technology, to scale a regional campaign globally and target a previously ‘hard-to-reach’ audience of key influencers.

Kim RabbittsSenior Demand Center Director, Clarivate

Business challenges

Clarivate is a global provider of solutions that help accelerate innovation by providing actionable information and insights that reduce the time from new ideas to life-changing inventions in the areas of science and intellectual property. The company offers trusted subscription and technology-based products, coupled with deep domain expertise to customers that includes universities, nonprofits, funding organizations, publishers, corporations, government organizations, and law firms.

Among the company’s target audiences are academic researchers based in universities worldwide. For Clarivate, reaching these users is an essential part of the company’s marketing strategy. Also part of its strategy is expanding use of its online information products, and securing renewals on product subscriptions.

Prior to the onset of the pandemic, Clarivate representatives would typically attend face-to-face training events in university settings, arranged via key contacts, to engage with users directly. But when lockdown orders halted in-person gatherings, Clarivate needed a new, all-virtual approach to securing the attention of key influencers, and to support retention and upsell of its products.

One of our single webinars in Brazil generated over 8,000 registrations, 3,000-plus attendees, and 205 leads. It would not have been possible without Oracle Eloqua.

Kim RabbittsSenior Demand Center Director, Clarivate

Why Clarivate chose Oracle

Clarivate was particularly attracted to Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation for its simple implementation, high level of flexibility, and easy integration with webinar platforms.


Clarivate used Oracle Eloqua to support rapid expansion of virtual training programs targeting customer groups across India, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, China, and Europe.

In January 2020, Clarivate offered six webinars in Russia, with about 4,000 registrations. By November, Clarivate hosted 24 webinars in a single month. In India, more than 3,000 users participated in 2020 training activities, compared to about 300 in 2019. The number of leads from training activities increased 400%, and Clarivate tripled the contribution of training activities to the new business pipeline.

With the new automated operating model in place, the company is also more effectively tracking the influence of its training efforts on subscription renewal.

In addition, Oracle Marketing helped Clarivate deliver virtual training programs that were tailored to a specific region or buying consortia, and teams were able to take advantage of close relationships with regional sales counterparts to co-brand webinar invitations for better reach and credibility.

All of this work was coordinated via a central demand center, which brings together marketing automation, data operations, paid advertising, and marketing webinar delivery. The combination of local insights with centralized operational support was critical to the company’s campaign success.

Published:January 21, 2022